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I am a solo artist/producer from Alaska born and raised. I grew up around alot of things to rap about. It continued in Seattle where im at now. Just want to tel
Couldnt do this when i was 20 so im here in my 30's doing it on my own. I feel i can talk about anything so my music wont be one thing. I use my computer to do all of this, i am always learning about the software i use to create music and hopefully it will show in the production. Not here to be radio but to show my uniqueness and spirit with a simple yet understandable rap flow. I dont need to be super lyrical to tell a story cuz when you think about it if we were to just chop it up im not going to try and confuse you. Everyone has different characters within them, you will see these. They are real cuz at any given time an environment or a situation can bring it to the forefront.
Band/artist history
No history just life
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nope just for the ladies
Your musical influences
Of course 2pac, Rakim, Ice Cube, Easy E, Ghetto boys, Grand master flash (went old school on dat *ass)
What equipment do you use?
I desktop with Pro Tools, Ableton Suite, Reason, Recycle and a couple midi controllers. A Guitar and a nice mic. Im good with that
Anything else?
Ya dont hate, i just create