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My band consists of only myself so far but am more than willing to meet other artists whom would like to jam/record with me. I am relatively new to the music scene and I believe that I have found my niche! I am a singer/songwriter who has recently, in the past handfull of years, learned to play guitar. My dream is to someday become an influential musical performer that will instill hope in people from all around the world to persue their dreams nomatter how small or how large their dreams are. In the meantime, I play and record and persue a dream that my Grandmother never had the chance to fully acheive.
Band/artist history
My Bio can be found on both the MySpace site and the IndieCharts site. I look forward to seeing you there too!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live often but not often enough. I play a lot for fundraising events and commemorative ceremonies. I play everynow and then in cafes and I am now about to put on my 2nd Annual Christmas Concert! What a rush! Self promoting and marketing is tough to do but it is possible. I do not have a manager, agent, promoter or producer. I am all of the above plus the artist.
Your musical influences
At first, Patsy Cline was my biggest influence. I sang along to her records nonstop as a little girl. Now, Eva Cassidy, the Indigo Girls, Michelle Shocked, Melissa Ethridge and other great female artists have really inspired me to discover my voice and my creativity.
What equipment do you use?
Just me and my guitar...I get help from others for sound equipment or additional musical instruments.
Anything else?
I look forward to hearing from potential fans and my current fans out there! I hope that someone will "discover" me and help me grow as an artist in this very competitive industry...to give me a chance to share my music.