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VECT - Icon (V.A.C. cover) (Prod. Jared Daniels)
A cover of Velvet Acid Christ's song Icon from their 1999 album Fun With Knives.
VECT - Veracity (Mug Shot Ov The Lethal InVECTion)
VECT - Grimson Tears
VECT - UnBLUNTlievable
VECT - Poverty Storm (Prod. DSK)
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VECT - Dark Daze, Bright Knights (2020) (FULL ALBU
Enjoy What You Will & Spread The InVECTion (musick)! -VECT-
Band/artist history
VECT Timeline 2001 - VECT joins a band as the vocalist with 2 of his friends, it was mostly just for fun at the time so naturally it ended. Late 2001 - VECT creates a group with a high school friend under the name of "Beast" with Beast's friend Blacklight. They name the group "Maddhowss", but it went nowhere because of bad communication and no musical work being done. Late 2001 - VECT hooks up with a friend from high school under the name of "Conflix", they begin to both record but due to a loss of communication they lose contact. 2004 - VECT becomes an offical member with Purgatory Family. 2004 - VECT becomes vocalist of "Undying Vengeance" but it hardly even gets a start off due to members with drug addictions. It goes nowhere. June 2005 - Purgatory Family release "The Void" album/sampler. 2005 - VECT leaves Purgatory Family because of too many irreconcilable differences. August 2005 - VECT goes to hard work on his very long awaited album "Isolated Incidents" in Tokugawa Studios. September 2005 - VECT released Isolated Incidents. During the process of work of this album VECT works on next album simultaneously. December 2005 - VECT releases his next album "Lone Wolf" 2006 - Tokugawa Studios close down. 2006 - VECT hooks up with a new engineer/producer by the name of Jackal & begins new recording with Jackal Productions. December 2006 - VECT releases his 3rd album "The Archives Volume 1". February 2008 - VECT becomes apart of "Pure Horror & Wicked Intent Radio Presents - Tales From The Underground" compilation album. August 2008 - VECT becomes part of "DJ Toxic Presents The Wasteland Vol.1" September 2008 - VECT is featured on Eternal Assassin's album entitled "They Made Me Do It" October 2008 - VECT is featured on a pressed tribute album to a horrorcore don known as KGP entitled "Placenta: The Afterbirth Of KGP"(Available on www.killmusick.com) January 2009 - VECT signs with Wicked Intent Records & releases his anticipated 4th album Vilify on January 11th (1.11). March 2010 - VECT resigns from Wicked Intent Records. VECT also makes appearance on The Downriver Rat's album "Darkness Rising" on a song entitled "Let It Bang". October 2010 - VECT releases the 5th album entitled "The Archives Volume 2". VECT also makes an appearance on Syniister's 2nd album "Siccness Reinvented" on a song entitled "Snake Nest". July 2011 - VECT makes an appearance on Dosia Demon's compilation "Evil Never Dies" with his song entitled "Hail Marijuana". August 2011 - VECT releases the 6th album entitled "Vilent Virtues (B-sides & Rarities) (2003-2011)". September 2014 - VECT resigns from a full time active music artist with his closing, album #7 entitled "Portrait Ov A Villain". This was known as VECT's grand finale & last dynamite of fun to end the discography of music to, while adding his comedic side more than ever before the previous 6 albums. Soon afterwards entered the world of stand-up comedy after shaping & strengthening his sense of humor & studying the science of comedy in a very intricate way. July 2020 - UnexVECTed album rises....A ressurVECTion with the 8th album entitled "Dark Daze, Bright Knights".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play every damn time I get a chance, I LOVE performing, I was born for it. Shows are a priority to me, nothing feels better.
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Mainly Adobe Audition or Pro Tools.
Anything else?
Big Ups To Anyone Out There Bumpin VECT...Or At Least Giving Me A Chance & My InVECTions. Villain Fuckin luv! -VECT-
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