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DIS(US Extreme Metal)
DIS(US Extreme Metal)
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Extreme, Death, Black, State of the Art, Metal
DIS has long been a staple in the soundclick community having reached the Top 10 for months on end with various tunes. In fact in some ways soundclick.com is the very reason DIS began in the first place. Back in the late winter of 2003, I was bored with the music that was commercially available, so I headed to the internet to find the next great thing. I didn't find it, to say the least. The Death Metal that was out there was undeveloped and uninspired, while every American Black Metal band was a clone of what ever grim and necro scandinavian band that was in vouge at the time. There was no quality to be found. In early December of that year, I happened across soundclick.com where there was probably the largest concentration of unsigned extreme metal bands online. After an hour of listening to the crap that was there, I was prompted to write a black metal-ish tune that would show the posuers how the music should be done. After joking with my roomate that those bands must have wrote those songs in five minutes, my roommate issued a challenge: I had to write my song in 5 minutes, and it still had to destroy... And I did. That song was "The Blackness Declaration". Eventually in that time period the LP "Opus 1" was finished and stayed on top here at soundclick for almost the entire year of 2004. Almost 4 years have passed since DIS became reality, and with that there has been much music made. 2004 also saw the release of "The Retalliation e.p.", a brutal 3 song experiment. In 2005, "The Paradigm Contingency Plan" was written and recorded in a month, and subsequentally released. Then in 2006, after much online hyping, Work began on what would become "The Black Shepherd" and "Opus 2". Although at the time, those lps were supposed to be released towards the end of 2006, the immense amount of orchestration involved as well as the studio work to accomodate those tracks ended up pushing the projects completion back... er WAY BACK. Now, (October 2007 as of this writing) the final mixes for "The Black Shepherd" and "Opus 2" are now being finished, and being prepared for release. The current release dates are November 20th, 2007 for "The Black Shepherd" and January 8th, 2008 for Opus 2. UPDATE: The Black Shepherd is now officially available here with 10/16/07 as the release date. The Opus 2 version here may or may not be the final album version, but is damn close regardless. The Official release date remains 1/8/08 for Opus 2. There will be links to the High Quality Versions of the Lps here on Archive.org posted soon. Go to the DIS Myspace page for current links, and to get on the Official DIS friendslist... Wow that sounds lame looking at it now, but hey: The World Needs it's DIS fans to show pride in their new favorite band. Aaron DIS
Band/artist history
This may repeat some of the stuff written above, but this represents what DIS is all about perfectly. So... NOW FOR THE MYSPACE VERSION: I'm not going to bore you with the regular Bio bullshit. What a bunch of made up garbage to make a shitty act look like gods... There will be none of that here, just a real history, and a lecture that if you know anything about DIS, should be quite normal to you. SO... here we go... DIS was born out of a desire to make the huge array of Shitty black metal noise bands look pathetic, by writing a song or two in 10 minutes or less and recording it in a couple of hours... otherwise, the same amount of thought and time the aforementioned turds put into their music. Decent Through the Avernal (featured here on Myspace) and The Blackness Declaration were those two happy lil' ditties that did the job well. After those two tunes were done, I felt a need to continue the project, and thus came the first full length "Opus 1". The lp was posted online in Mid 2004 on Soundclick.com and did quite well there under the Moniker of DIS(usblackmetal). Of course there were the offended pundits of the BMN (black metal noise) who actually thought of themselves as "True Kvlt" or whatever who swore up and down that DIS wasn't black metal. I actually agreed as 99.44% of the black metal I heard was whiny poorly produced garbage, with only the norwegian originators offering much quality. I felt DIS was more of an all-purpose extreme metal thing. So I changed the soundclick moniker to reflect that. So why that whole shpeal on the history you say? I do have a point. Because the music doesn't sound like crusty ass, and has an undeniable talent to it, doen't make it POP or not True or whatever. The asses who think this are so incredibly narrow-minded shallow, and pretty much utterly useless that my time and attention isn't worth the stupidity and bickering. DIS is here for your entertainment kids. That's what all of this stuff that is called music is here for. If you are basing your entire ideology around the "preachings" of some band or artist, or the most current trend hand fed to you by what ever outlet you get your info from, you are a retard. My request to all that enter this site is: don't be the tard. Enjoy the music, and tell your friend that there is an unsigned band you found on the internet that as a matter of fact not only doesn't suck, but is actually worth the time listening. Aaron DIS
Have you performed in front of an audience?
DIS for the time being is a studio only band. I'd love to get a band together for DIS, but the caliber of musicians required to play this music simply doesn't exist in this part of the country.
Your musical influences
Cynic, Devin Townsend, Strapping Young Lad, Opeth, Emperor, Angel Corpse, Morbid Angel, Death, Deicide, Suffocation, Mnemic, Meshuggah, Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates, Behemoth, Hate Eternal, Nile, Detachment, Demonicide and whatever Jaymz Palmer is doing, Dimaension X, Jim Ross, Primate, (Okay now I'm just tossing names of my buds here on Soundclick... lmao)Judgemental, Dominion, Coldshovel, Fiend, and mostly Myself.
What equipment do you use?
Korg X3,Peavey 5150, ESP 7 String, Steinberger 5 String, Digitech 2120, D'Addario 9s, Clayton USA Picks, and the Magic Radio Shack Mic that I still use and still sounds GREAT.
Anything else?
You'd better leave messages and praise the return of the Mighty DIS just like Dimaension X did. Snoogins
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