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Lynn Ceiladh Grandin
Lynn Ceiladh Grandin
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Since I sing in various bands, etc., there is no one genre or band type to put here...leaving that up to their websites. I'm a singer/performer, available for
PORTFOLIO This one's just for me... I perform with several bands, and perform solo. I do all styles of music and have been described as a "cabaret performer". I also record, write lyrics and melodies with/for other musicians. Some recent collaborations/projects: Division IX in 2000-2001 (until 9/11/01) http://www.myspace.com/divisionix (Recordings w/me are not currently on this website.) http://www.obscurelytitled.com/Pages/Clean/contact.html (Recordings w/me are currently on this website) AffroFelly: Syncrocity: Felicia (Seattle) Recent Cover bands: "CANDY" Cover dance band -rock/80's/alt./metal/electronica(no current website) Occasionally still get together for private parties. "MidiEvilTimes"Reformulated as "Sirens":http://www.midieviltimes.net/MP3's.htm (I'm still on the MP3's, but rearly perform w/them, now.) Film: "Shoot The Moon" -indi film project about rise and fall of a rockstar. Current projects: Voiceover - for animated film, currently in production. Visit artist's page: http://csanimationstudios.zaadz.com/ http://www.shoreline.edu/spindrift/art.html Current productions/Performances: Theatrical Production: "It's a Wonderful Life", in Mukilteo, WA for Lighthouse Players (aka: Outcast Players) http://www.primordiaproductions.smugmug.com/MLFA (behind the scenes pics)
Band/artist history
I was in my first theater production at the age of 5, speaking Japanese and handling a live goat-- they cut and dyed my hair black for the run. My mom was getting lead roles in musical theater for as long as I can remember, my dad and grandfather in the orchestra pit... Uncle Felix Resnick, until January 2008 was in the Detroit Symphony (served as 1st & 2nd Chair Violin), and conducted Gross Pointe and Birmingham West Bloomfield Symphony Orchestras--he also contracted with MOTOWN (string section), while they were still in Detroit and is on many famous recordings, including "My Girl" (responsible for the very recognizable signature violin part), as well as with the Supremes, etc. **Felix Resnick passed away on April 2, 2008** I always sang in choirs, and began accompanying myself at the behest of my brother, Phil, who wrote songs and taught me guitar (acoustic) when I was 13, and encouraged me to sing solo, duets, etc. In my second band, I swapped my acoustic guitar for the electric bass, but put it down after getting shoulder aches (they're heavy & I was only 100 lbs back then), which freed me up for movement, and I focused on the vocals and percussion. I also was a dancer and performed Polynesian, Middle Eastern, Jazz, Ballroom dance, which I occasionally integrated into the shows.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes I'm just DEAD, but mostly I'm alive while performing. The music revives me! ;^ Most special moment is when "The Boss" was in the audience, I was asked to do an impromptu back up for an artist during his CD release and when I started singing, "The Boss" stopped conversing with his friends and looked right up and grinned at me, and kept it up until we were done!
Your musical influences
It all started for me with listening to classical music and attending many live performances while very young on a weekly (at least) basis, and being sung to sleep, nightly, by my mom who played her Hawaiian guitar. I learned the AutoHarp, took up violin in 5th grade, guitar (folk, classical) at age 13... there was the Motown influence, of course, memorized every Beatle song (I can still start at the beginning of Meet The Beatles & Rubber Soul and sing straight thru to the end, including all the harmony parts) and I loved the harmonies of Crosby Stills and Nash, Peter Paul and Mary, the purity of voice and expression of the likes of Joan Baez, Joanie Mitchell, Barbara, brit pop singers, songwriters like John Denver, Niel Young... in College I studied more classical and Jazz, Pop, Soul, Spirituals, and then got into Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, Led Zeplin, The Who, Kinks, big hair bands, Heart, Aerosmith, Journey, Styx, Stones, Charlie Musselwhite, John Pryne, Keb Mo, any kind-o-BLUES, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, Tina Turner, Robin Trower, Clash, Devo, Swan, AC-DC, anthem rock, power rock, progressive, metal, digital, electronic, and any other kind of rock, industrial, all the Golden Oldies, Ella, Lena, Nina..., 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Metal, Grunge, Punk, Brit, Rock-a-Billy, Alt, Indie, all things/artists Irish/Celtic, AfroCelt Sound System, ALT, Techno, Electronica, Trip Hop, Highlife, Ska, Matisyahu, 50 Sheckle, Blue Man Group, TranSiberienOrchestra, Squonk Opera, Jonathan Kagi, Division IX, experimental...Sinead, Dolores, Kate, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Fiest, Andy White (who wrote all over my shirt), U2....my cousin Joe Resnick, his sister Melanie, his father my uncle Felix, my mommy, my brother Phil, sister Tara, and my niece DJ VENUS..... (for starters).
What equipment do you use?
My vocal chords, for starters, and any appropriate mic, effects....
Anything else?
Sure. I'm avialable for hire. So email me, already!
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