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Djspittah Productionz
Djspittah Productionz
9 Tracks
hot, ill, dope,song, music,the truth, hype,spit, crack, fire, beats....i bring a sound that is more complex then your normal commercial hiphop or r n b.I'm happ
Whats good every one, corey mintlow here a.k.a dj spittah. for those of you who know me, thank you for the support. for those who are new to the site, feel free to roam around and listen to my tracks :) if you hear something you like fee free to contact me with a request, and ill be sure to return your message. im only 25 and have acomplished in music what takes alot of people years to learn, or school, in just a matter of a 2 years, im not bragging, im just saying that i think i was born to do music, because everything i do revolves around it!. im proud to say that i have tought many how to make tracks, but whether or not they have progressed on there own i cannot say so myself. well, i will be looking out for r n b artist mainly on here and people with excellent delivery!, holla, and blessings, djspittah
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i currently dont play live but i make tracks inhouse for artist live! and i love it!!!!
Your musical influences
kanye,jay z, and all major producers out right now, but in the long run im my biggest influence, cuz i have to be!
What equipment do you use?
believe it or not, i master my own hits with simply a lap top, low budget mic,interface, fruity loops 8.0 and reason 4! thats it, and when you hear my track you would think i used an akai or triton or somthing like that...people you dont need to spend 30000 dollars to make a hit! go invest that in your kids or stocks for real, plus with that stuff alone i still am able to mix down all my tracks in wavs nice and crisp!
Anything else?
If you find an intrest in working with me, i would love to talk to you more about it.With that said, enjoy what i have to bring into this hard working website cuz i will make one promise: My beats will always be different and hard! spittah
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City Girl
"DEATH STAR" - Young Nudy x Chief Keef Type Beat