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Lil Cam aka Young Cam
Lil Cam aka Young Cam
7 Tracks
Lil Cam, South Carolina, Gutta Boyz
Get Lyk Me
Peak in sub-genre #95
Correct Me If I'm Wrong ft. TKO
Dey Don't Want Dat
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Lil Cam is a 16 year old rapper/producer/songwriter from the streets of Pendleton (also known as "Pimptown"), a small town in upstate South Carolina. He has been puttin' out hood classics independently since the age of 13. He is an expert at composing beats with the Fruity Loops software. He has been very consistent in the mixtape game for the last few years. His latest, "Down By Law" is out now. Contact Lil Cam @ (864) 567-4476 for a copy!
Band/artist history
Man I been writin' songs since I was like 9. When I first heard Tupac, I knew I wanted to be a rapper. When I first started, I was real shy. So Nobody ever heard my songs but my brothers. Then a few years went by and I remember seein' Lil Bow Wow video. That inspired me as a young dude. So anyway, I started to get more serious about it and let ppl hear my music. My pops seen what I was doin and he jumped behind me and invested money in my dream. He bought me my first studio. After I got in the studio, I put out cd after cd consistently. I used to jus take em to school and sell em for 5 dollars. I had lunch money on deck in middle school!! When I got to 7th grade, Pops got my cd, "I Sholl Iz" printed up and had 1000 copies made. We still got some left! lol. But i sold alot of em to be as young as I was. We went down to the cable station and they jumped behind me and let me do a lil commercial down there. They used to play it during "106 & Park" on Bet and "Pimp My Ride" on MTV. That gave me alot of exposure. After that I started sellin more. From 8th grade to high school I was killin em wit da mixtapes. I was rappin ova the most popular instrumentals. I sold alot of them too. 9th grade is when I started sneakin in da clubs to perform. lol. I got in trouble ova that too. But dat was like da highlight of my career. Cuz we would put shows together with all the hottest acts in town. Shots out to Bottom Boyz, GQ, & everybody who came to da shows!! But as or right now, I jus put out da new mixtape "Down By Law". I'm workin on the new album! I'm the hardest workin independent artist in America!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea we do shows all the time. That's my favorite part about this music thang. I love bein on stage wit my folk and the croud sangin all da words wit me. It's crazy, alot of people don't know about it, but me & my man GQ was suppose to open for Plies @ Club Matrix in Greenville last year. Thangs didn't go like we planned cuz of lack of promotion and nobody really knew who Plies was back then. That coulda been our big break! Shot out to da homie Plies!!
Your musical influences
Tupac, T.I., Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, Young Dro
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops, Sonic Foundry ACID Pro, mic, mixer, amp
Anything else?
Carolina got sum'm 2 say!! Lil Cam on deck! Gutta Boyz on deck!! Look for me on yo tv!!
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