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Baby Chopper
Baby Chopper
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Baby Chopper,Made Man Records,Mistah Chopper,Paris Texas Rapper,The Real Baby Chopper
Today #79 in Hardcore Rap subgenre
Peak in sub-genre #49
Parkin Lot ft. Jay Fish
Its Ya Boi Chopper reppin dat 903 Paris Texas Wuts Up its dat boi Chopper mayne it feels so good to be back home finally after being locked up.im still doing my thang tho aint shit changed,still going hard and putting pressure on these bitch ass niggaz.lol I been seeing some shit I don't like,muthafuckas been stealing my muthafuckin name knowin I brought the Baby Chopper gospel.You niggaz lame as fuck dawg. Hit up my new website for new music @ http://www.reverbnation.com/mistahchopper I go by Mistah Chopper but still im the same nigga,aint shit changed but the salutation.
Band/artist history
It just started out with me and my lil ol dreams and venting my anger thru lyrics and music.My first instrument was a electric guitar when I was 5 years old.I wrote and performed my first rap in 3rd grade.When I was in 7th grade in 2001,i started doing freestyle tapes front to back with my kinfolk Trigga Happy Javee aka Jay Fish of Fish Boya Productions.Our tapes was called: Madd Life,Who We Be,& Thugged Out.I worked on my solo tape which was a front and back tape called Get Crunk.then came Gangsta Shit,Representin PT,Str8 Thuggin,Voted Most Thowed,Ambitionz Az Balla,Animosity,100 % Crunk,Kold Az Hel,& Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.After I dropped Kold Az Hell and Real Eyes in 2006,I had caught my first felony case for aggrevated robbery,they was trying to give me 25 years to 99.but I ended up getting 10 years without snitching or bringing anybody down with me like a real g supposed to do.i did 5 years and got out on good behavior and on parole.My lawyer at that time was telling me that they planned to use my music against me in my trial if I took it to court,he said that im ruining society,lol.do u believe that shit?society was fucked up way before I came along. I mix and record my own music,i make my own album covers and everything and some of my beats(They are on my reverbnation page) .Shout out to my top knotch producers who fucked with me over the years.DJ K Dawg of Ice Cold Beats,DJ Mike C the Mixmaster ,Magic Tha Legend aka Black Victor Newman aka Jiggy Fly,T-Bo da Firecracker,Chemiztry tha dope beat maker,Big J,Junior Pymp from Throwd Thankin Ent.Them niggaz got that heat,fuck with them if u need hot production for ur shit.
Your musical influences
All Texas Rappers and Southern Rappers Z-Ro,HAWK,Big Pokey,Mr Lucci,Mr Pookie,K-Roc,B.Gizzle,Dirty South Rydaz,Screwed Up Click,E.S.G,Mista Masta Archie Lee, My Niggaz Junior Pymp,$argeant Beezie,Pimp J Of tha Syrup Shop,every south rapper from texas to da boot every south rapper exept for the wack ones.Tech N9ne,Eminem,Hopsin,Lil Boosie,2pac,Pimp C,Twisted Insane,Grizzy Hendrix,Twiztid,ICP,Necro,
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops and Cool Edit still...my day one programs. Also Sonar w/Cakewalk.Akai midi controller,Roland interface.dynamic and condenser microphones.
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