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DavesNotHere and the ButtTicks
DavesNotHere and the ButtTicks
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Old guy playing the piano. Accompanied by a mime, a narcoleptic, a high maintenance roadie and a go-go dancer, playing a little bit of blues, rock, folk and cla
For a while there it was just me playing the piano. Which doesn't really constitue a band. Then I got the butt ticks.
Band/artist history
. Then it was me and the butt ticks. After the butt ticks were removed I went solo for a while. wrote the lyrics and does the vocals on the instrumental pieces. I thought she was doing a fine job but, then one day she went and joined the U.S. Navy because they had more seamen that I did. She hasn't been showing up for practice lately. has offered to sit on the speakers, which, since this is an acoustic band, is going to be less fun than it sounded when she first signed up. She can make squirrel noises with her cheeks though. On her face, the cheeks of her face. Right at the moment she is pregnant. Can someone explain to her how this kind of stuff happens?, who claims she will do to escape the cold southern California winter climate, as long as it involves touring with the band, if we ever make it to the Bahamas. Something tells me there are a lot of conditions attached to the word "anything". is an authentic Go-Go dancer, with an authentic shimmy dress, that still fits, and authentic white Go-Go Boots. Between songs she writes mottos for the official Dave Barry for President campaign headquarters in the State of Ohio. The fact that she still fits into her 1967 Shimmy Dress earned her a place in the road shows. I recently acquired a Yamaha P-255. So I am no longer officially an acoustic band. PeoriaGrace doesn't know yet, but I'm not really sure I want her to sit on my speakers just yet.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not for very much longer. Do I play live right now? I would but I am always pre-recorded, because I live in a different time zone.
Your musical influences
I really like classical blues but my background is in 50's and 60's rock, with some Perry Como, Lawrence Whelk and some 33 rpm vinyl records that would be worth a lot of money today if the original owner's had not allowed their children to touch them. None of which shows in my music. But, I have been in an elevator and that does show.
What equipment do you use?
I have an 1891 Chickering, ebony and rosewood, upright grand piano sitting in a large room, with a 16 foot ceiling and a 2 1/4 inch thick hardwood floor. Ask me if I can resonate. I have recently acquired a Yamaha P-255. Nice!
Anything else?
I can read music, but not very well. My right hand is definitely controlled by my left brain but my left hand, controlled by my right brain, just plays what ever it wants. Sort of like my wife did.
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