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Tava Entertainment
Tava Entertainment
13 Tracks
Hip Hop, R&B, Urban, POP, DANCE, Electronic, World,
Band/artist history
Tim Byrd had a dream. That dream was to write and produce songs for major artists to record. Born in Sacramento, California, this military brat traveled around the world with his family. In his travels, he took in different cultures and at the same time different styles of music ranging from R&B to Classic Rock. Tim currently lives in Virginia. This is where he developed his writing and producing skills. His dream finally came true in the year 97, when he and (songwriting partner at the time) Todd White placed 2 songs If I Knew & Its Been A While on a Latin R&B/Pop group named Voices Of Theory. Although that experience didnt jump start Tims career in musicit did show he was able to be in this business. In 1998, while working with Blackground Records as a songwriter/producer (home to the late Aaliyah now home to Pop artist JoJo), Tim co-wrote and produced a song entitled Aint Never, which featured Aaliyah and Not Enough for the labels artist Outsiderz 4 Life. In 2000, Not Enough became radios 1 most added record to radio on the west coast. Aint Never never got released. Tim now knew he had what it took to make it. While working with Outsiderz 4 Life, he was asked to co-write a song with the group & producer Timbaland for the Steven Segal and DMX film titled Exit Wounds. The title of the song was Hell Yeah and can be heard at the end of the film. While watching the movie, Tim was excited to hear his song and see his name on the big screen. He knew hed finally arrived. As the credits rolled, Tim searched for his name..No name. The song was there.everyone else got their credits, but my name was no where to be found, says Tim. Someone had forgotten to list his name on the credits. He was devastated. That experience alone would drive anyone with strong aspirations of being a songwriter/producer into depression. Not Tim. He vowed to never let that happen to him again. And the only way for that to happen was for Tim to start his own production company. In 2002, Beats Etc. Productions was born. With the experience Tim gained throughout the music industry, it was time to start his own movement. With the help of his partner Brian Branch, Beats Etc. Productions would become a reality. Tim signed himself under the production company to independently produce projects such as the critically acclaimed Dance EP Digital Toxicity The EP by A.X.E.L, Just Had To Do It album by R&B Artist Nard, the song For All Its Worth by vocalist Kim Keith, Crush On You & Focus by 14 year old Everette and various other music projects. In 2006, One of Tims tracks (produced along with business partner Brian Branch) was performed on BETs 106th & Park (Wild Out Wednesdays) by R&B/Pop artist Aaron AK Kane. Now hes helping develop Miss Bless, an R&B vocalist who also writes. Tim also fell in love with background music in film as well and venturing into the world of Music & Film. This passion has allowed him to produce various commercial jingles to add to his collection of work. Now Tim is ready to provide his songwriting/production services to other artists, businesses, TV & Film music supervisors, video game companies, ring tone companies & websites. The goal is to work with as many projects as I can. If you need some music for your project, contact me @ tim.tava@gmail.com, says Tim. You can rest assure that Tim Byrd will not have to worry about seeing his credit.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Don't play live. Wish I could tho'
Your musical influences
Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin, Timbaland, Jay-Z, Run DMC, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles...This isn't fair 'cause I could name the whole industry since the beginning of music.
What equipment do you use?
MPC2000, Triton (Rack), Roland JV-1080, Pro-Tools, FL5 & 7. Lately I've been using FL7 only.
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