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Darryl Zuber's 10th World
80's Metal Instrumental
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239 songs
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Captain Bligh
DZ Instrumental
The Search
DZ Instrumental
Vector 99
DZ Instrumental
Up The Dirt Road
DZ Instrumental
On the Coast
DZ instrumental
Hi It's me Darryl Zuber, This is my Electric Metal Instrumental page.
Band/artist history
I started playing drums in 1962, I switched over to Guitar in 1972 . Here's a little insight on how I write songs these day . First how I started off writing songs. I was still playing drums back then but I was already board not being able to play melodies on drums , that was 1970 . That summer I bought a Yamaha acoustic for $ 15.00 . I already knew 3 cords , D, C, and G and I was plunking around on some ideas and figuring out some other cords when I broke the high E string and had to wait for some money to get a new one. Writing that very first song I had the idea in my head for about a week but couldn't do anything about it because of the broken string . I would try to remember it by singing it to myself in my head . So I got the new string and wrote the song . The method of remembering the idea lasted until around 1974 . In 1974 I bought a little piece of shit cassette recorder from a pawn shop on J street down around 8th or 9th . I would record the basic guitar track all the way through then jam along with it .That's how I remembered my songs. I did that until 2001 when I got a computer that would record audio . This is the way I do it now, I have no idea what I'm going to write until I sit down in front of my computer and I have the project open , named and saved. Then I start riffing or strumming some ideas . Before I record the first guitar part I write drums and bass. Then I record the guitar parts . I then move on to the next section and do the same thing . While listening back I will here something I want to change so I will insert a measure or delete a measure . In 1972 I switched over to guitar. My drum programming skills came from drum lessons my Dad made me take in 1968 . I'm glad I took those lessons .
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at this time.
Your musical influences
Jimi Hendrix, Lesley West , Jimmy Page , Brian May , Michael Schenker and George Lynch .
What equipment do you use?
120 watt Bugera 1990 , 4X12 cab with two 25 watt greenbacks, two Vin 30's . 1993 Ibanez RG-770-DX-VM , 1979 Dean Flying V , 2013 Dean Caddy and 2015 Les Paul
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Fantastic. Spectacular.
Good stuff. Straight forward metal.
yehah mann irrer Sound zieht voll rein zur hoelle yea greetz to sacramento
Great rhythm, melody & performance .. I like that "energetic" music .. keep it on
Fantastic mix of sounds & styles..! Cheers
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