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DannY P 1978
DannY P 1978
2 Tracks
Solo Hip Hop artist from Campbelltown Sydney Australia
Solo Hip Hop artist from Campbelltown Sydney Australia I get my inspiration from life experience or the experience of those around me I got into Hip Hop as a release to the problems that I have had to face I believe I have a unique style not like any other. Currently working on a Demo, I just recently finished my first track and did a rough recording 'I'm sick of it' The hook for this was written By a sydney Rapper named NJE , Also did a track called Never Knowing Feat Rj which I recorded at Fluid records Shout out to Kraz I am also currently working on several tracks to go on the demo. Have a listen to the track and feel free to leave some feed back. With a dream to suceed fuel from the passion of desire who can stop me Please support your local Hip Hop lets show them that Aussie Hip Hop is World Wide
Band/artist history
Well I started out as a listener to hip hop and generally got into writing my own Stuff I did this for about 2 years before I began to really become more confident and mastered the skills of what is required the ability to adjust to different styles of Hip hop and usually find it realitive easy to write to many different styles of beat although I am solo I do like to mix it up and collab with other artist
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment But looking too in the future some time
Your musical influences
Biggest influences is my Journey through life What I've seen and done Musically NJE, Str8-up-T, Nicky Blaze, Vee, Hilltop Hoods, Mind over Matter, Bliss n esso, Natural Causes, Snoop Dogg and many others
What equipment do you use?
My pen My paper and alot of hard work and dedication oh yeah and life experiences
Anything else?
Shout out to My supports and a shout out to the haters as you given me the desire and the subject to write and continue