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New and inprove group of rappers out of Snow Hill Maryland. We have alot coming for yall. Lookout!!!
Dis ya boys Dreezy and B.Hut aka Git Money. You might have heard before when we started buzzin as Web Boyz. Well now we are called Envius because we are so Envyed. Oh yea the next mixtape is called Envyed so lookout for that. You can hit us up on myspace at www.myspace.com/envius . Hit that up but anyway yea we trying to make moves get our name out there. Holla at us for Collabs we down wit gettin on tracks with otha peepz. Also holla at us if you got beats man we lookin for some hot beats. Stay up on us we comin wit new music constantly if you don''t see new tunes up for a while don't quit on us cuz they will be there as soon as we get a chance to put them up. Get at us if you have any questions, suggestions or just comments.
Band/artist history
Your musical influences
Into that alot of different types like Kanye, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and more. Not really into that snap music cuz its just not real music. IT'S NOT REAL HIP HOP. IT'S ANNOYING!!! Seriously
What equipment do you use?
Computer, Marshall Condensor Mic, Alesis Mixing Boards, and cool edit pro...We need to upgrade or just get in a real studio.
Anything else?
We aint no joke. We serious about what we do. We got a long line of Mixtapes lined up to come out very soon. Give us a few more months and we gonna show you that we are the Kingz of Maryland (Murdaland).