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singer songwriter, guitarist, drummer, one man band. A variety of songs ranging from hard southern rock, R&B, with catchy pop lyrics with a little touch of soul
You should sign up and become a member of soundclick to listen to the music. Its free. Then click on the blue "music" link on this page to listen. Thanks for visiting my music page. My CD's are on sale at CDBaby.com or download at most mp3 sites like iTunes and Napster! Paul Sabo is a singer/songwriter, who gets his roots from Classic and Southern Rock, Folk, Metal, Country, R&B,and Funk. Trying not to follow one particular genre of music, he truly follows instinct and being caught up in the moment when writing a song. Combining his diverse influences to come up with a classic rock sound all his own; his songs are familiar, yet original at the same time - mainly due to witty lyrics and catchy riffs. He continues to refine his musical craft; writing and recording in the spirt of Independant Music.
Band/artist history
Paul grew up with many musical influences throughout his life, starting with his father; a musician, whom raised him with influences of classic bands like The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Van Morrison to John Conolly and Cat Stevens. Later on got Paul into hard rock/metal like Black Sabbath and Judast Priest. Since moving to San Francisco he became more of an independant when it came to music and songwriting. He says, that "sometimes it's easier to record what I hear in I head by doing it myself rather than try to explain it to some other musician to interpret it for me."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Ive played in a couple bands in the southeast, hard rock, metal, R&B, even backed up in some country & gospel bands, just anything to play out.
Your musical influences
"I enjoy a little bit of everything. I get a little something out of just about any genre of music. I enjoy rock music in general but not exclusively. I love a crunching guitar, kickin drums, as well as a catchy tune I can sing along to. I enjoy modern as well as classic rock. Bands like Lenny Kravitz, Tool, Billy Squier, to groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. I enjoy classic soulful Motown like Marvin Gaye or modern R&B like D'Angelo. A big fan or Prince. Love Metal, a tad bit of country, even a little Sinatra..." This variety of influences are beautifully blended together to create songs that most anyone can enjoy no matter what their taste.
Anything else?
All the lyrics/music for the songs on :"Just Like You", "Songs From Eddy Street" & "Another Sleepless Night" were written, performed, and produced by Paul Sabo. "Angry Youth" Selected "track of the day" for January 13th, 2007 at Garageband.com!
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