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hip hop beats
im a rapper who goes under the name of Shinobi The Lyrical Assassin and also makes beats in his spare time. i don't claim to be a producer at all but these are beats im hoping to use on promos and free releases.
Band/artist history
i've been rapping for about 10 years now but never done it with the intention of eating off it - i got real life for that. i've always been able to appreciate all different types of music so i thought i might be able to make a few banging beats for myself. i like to think i had some measure of success with that lol. on the rapping side i got sick and tired of hearing about how these other rappers are better than me cos they've paid a model to be in their video or cos they've rented a fat chain - it all don't mean shit! hip hop is about facing the uncomfortable truths in the world we live in and turning people onto them to address them.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i do perform when given the chance but at the moment its so varied (around uk) that i don't think i've quite managed a loyal following outside of my hometown.
Your musical influences
seriously pretty much anything influences me whether its writing lyrics or making beats from music to day to day activities and sounds.
What equipment do you use?
if i told you i'd have to kill you. or you may possibly want to kill me.
Anything else?
the ultimate goal is to make beats that i can spit some truth and knowledge on that people will actually want to to keep listening to. even if they're just into the beat and flow at first eventually they'll pick up on the words.
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