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Buy You Some Weave ft Keem
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Can I Talk To You Remix ft. Keem
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Hey what's up fans this is ya boi JROCK saying welcome to my sound click music page and if u and your friends want to hear more music check out my (myspace music page) which is: http://www.myspace.com.com/phillynewbreed Hit me up Thanks for stopping by to support me!!
Band/artist history
Hey What's up everyone: WELCOME TO Jrock Official SoundClick Music Page and also Check out the music, videos, & other things that's on the page!!! So with that being said here's a biograhy about Justin Robinson A.K.A JROCK. Justin is a young teenager who loves music. Justin aka Jrock is a young rapper who was born on Feb. 5 ,1992 and he was raised in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . Justin who is better known as Jrock begin doing music since he was a young child. He started out at the age of 9 and he continued on his dreams. He kept his head up after all the people doubted him he just kept on going. He has lived everywhere in Philly so that's when he and his family decided to move out to a little place called Norristown which is alittle outside of Philly, It's located in Montgomery County, where he would play instrumentals loud on his street and have everyone rapping, singing, and showing off their talent. He & his family is all basically into music. Jrock got his name from his uncle and he has been using it every since. He moved back to Philly after a little while in Norristown and that's when he made new friends at a new school who loves to make music like him. That's when he developed the idea of starting up a music group where he & his friends can get together and show their talent. That's when he has met one friend that was different & very talented then the rest of them Which is his friend & member of the music group named (PNB aka Philly New Breed) who is Alkeem aka Keem. Justin & Alkeem Who both are better known as Jrock & Keem made a hit comedy single in March of 2007 called Buy You Some Weave a remix to T-Pain's hit single Buy You A Drank. The Buy You Some Weave song was a hit at their local school & on Myspace. The Buy You Some Weave music video was released on myspace and that became a bigger hit. They followed up with a hit later on that year called Can I Talk To You(remix) after the original Can I Talk To You which was made by Jrock , keem , & B Money Which is a hit also in the streets, school & on Myspace. Jrock formed Philly New Breed A.K.A PNB in the month of March of 2007. Jrock who is the leader of PNB came up with the group name Philly New Breed because it all describes them. Here is what the name means (Philly)-Represents where they are from/live , (New)-Represents that they're style is new which is Comedy and Rap & RnB , & (Breed) -Represents how they are new to the game at young ages & how they all are trying to make it big in the music industry. Later on in the year which was November 2007 PNB aka Philly New Breed has broken up, But three of the members which was Aaron aka Blaze, Kahlil aka LIL, & Alkeem aka Keem has formed they own group which is B.O.B aka Blackout Boys. As for the other member who is Malcolm aka MB he ha went SOLO. But as for Jrock who was the leader of PNB he has went SOLO so he can continue on his career in the Entertainment business. But even tho they all have broke up in a music group they all remain friends!! That's the biography of Justin Robinson better known as JROCK There will be more hot new songs to come for all the fans.--------------------------------------------------
Your musical influences
I am very influenced by many artists such as T-Pain, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, Nelly, 50 Cent, Bow Wow, Romeo, Master P, Trey Songz, Sean Kingston, Ludicris, Akon, Diddy, & many more R&B and Rap artists.
What equipment do you use?
Studio Equipment