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Pezimistik Produced
Pezimistik Produced
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I am an artist that likes to surround himself with different vibes to understand various and different scenarios then. i combine it into muzik to give the liste
Raised in Denver, Colorado but born in the 505, C.E.O of his self created label, and producer of hiphop and techno beat mixer, Pezimistik is on his way to placing his name in the music business. After beginning his career in june of '06, he started writing and rapping off of various instrumentals from different producers around the globe. Unable to obtain full copyrites of the beats, he wrote and rapped to practice and to gain a fan base. In 2007, he released two mxtapes that were more successful then previously anticipated. His checkpoint goal to create a self created Album is extremely close to becoming history. since producing instrumentals from 2007, and since 2006 has adopted rapping under his belt, Pezimistik is an underground artist determined to reach his goals. The official solo produced album Resurrection of The Forgotten Legacy is dropping in April 2012. *INSTRUMENTALS ARE FREE DOWNLOADS. A BEAT PROVIDED ON SOUNDCLICK DOES NOT ENSURE COPYRIGHTS ARE AVAILABLE; IN ANY CASE WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE A BEAT FOR ANY REASON, EMAIL ME PEZIMISTIK@YAHOO.COM WITH PROPER SUBJECT* CHECK OUT PEZIMISTIK ON FACEBOOK! SEARCH 'PEZIMISTIK' PEZIMISTIKS MIXTAPES ARE AVALIABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD! Take a listen OR take your pick of tracks from the mixtapes pezimistik currently has released. Survival Of The Fittest Mixtape (STFM) and The Truth Behind Lies Mixtapes (TBLM) are located in the 'Music Page' avaliable for single track downloading or streaming. PREVIEW THE OFFICIAL ALBUM HERE! Self created, and soon releasing. Download (or listen) to your own album sampler here! *ALBUM PREVIEW* section contains all the tracks found on the free album sampler www.facebook.com/Pezimistik www.reverbnation.com/pezimistik PEZIMISTIK - AS THE STARS COLLIDE WITH EARTH completly original and self produced official techno album. check it out for FREE www.soundcloud.com/pezimistik Years of experience and working with up to date equipment to produce with the highest grade of samples possible. Has produced for many different projects and wide sense of creativity from techno, releasing and album the beginning of 2012 and producing for artist in other states. EMAIL Pezimistik@yahoo.com FOR ANY AND ALL OFFERS REGUARDING THESE BEATS!
Band/artist history
Beginning his career June 30th of '06, collaborating and once apart of the sickandwrong crew, pez had a good start being introduced to the stage at an early part of his career. However, it wasn't the place he was in at the time, but how much he worked towards being an artist and meeting the demands of dues in order to be an MC. By March of 2007, he brought in his own label, Adverse Records which would soon lead to the release his first solo mixtape: The Survival Of The Fittest Mixtape was dropped on the fifth and was quickly distributed among the underground Denver and Santa Fe areas. What stood Pezimistik as an outkast, he did not stop there. After meeting artists such as DJ Illest, Solis and the previous crew members of the label he was once apart of, Pez continued with his motion by releasing his second mixtape by November the same year. The Truth Behind Lies Mixtape contributed to a part in proving the potential of deep underground artists. Once a member of HGPTHC, 2008 was once promising in much exposure as the crew maintained consistency in the shows they performed live. 2009 seemed a little different. With members dragged away there own personal problems, the crew, or what was able to play a role at the time, continued to distribute music and continue live performances. By 2010, the crew continued to strive; openeing up for Trae The Truth and NB Ridaz in may, a complete new direction was intact. However, with much focus on different aspects changing, as well as a mind frame; by the end of 2010, Pezimistik was once again a 100% solo artist, since the beginning of 08. He founded his new record label, Eternal Entity Entertainment in July of 2011. With artists signed to the label such as Die Inevitable aka Poltergeist 'of The Entity', Pez leads his own label in the abyss of the music industry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i play live. various places in Denver and the suburban areas.
What equipment do you use?
Reason 5, Cubase 5, Sony Acid Pro 7.0, Oxygen 49, Focusrite Saffire Pro DSP
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