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Melakii The Rapphanatic
Melakii The Rapphanatic
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U-Kraine Madoxx - Intro ( Rock and HipSoul )
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Verbal Message Feat. Kayo
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Intro: The Announcement
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U-Kraine The Great Official Video
This New York native has been around for quite some time, and has worked with some of the industrys up and coming talent such as: Common Thread, The Franchise, K.O. Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler. Melakii has performed all over the east coast, and has been offered deals by major and independent labels such as: Profile Records, Arista, Warlock Records, and Select Records. Now writing and working on his own record label, 21st Century Entertainment, Inc. Melakii has recreated himself as the Rap Juggernaut U-kraine Maddox.
Band/artist history
Born in Hartford Connecticut in the early 70s, Melakii shortly moved to East New York, in Brooklyn and grew up on the rough streets of New York City. Although, living in the Big Apple has its advantages, the streets presented it self as a better way to survive in the city that never sleeps. At the age of seventeen known as NYTRO, Melakii began his career on the streets of Atkins & Hageman in the late 80s, hustling in the neighborhood where he once lived, in a basement apartment with his mother, and stepfather in the mid 80s. In those days Melakii began his whitty raps on the corners of Brooklyn NY, with a few of his buddies drinking and smoking marijuana late nights to past time. (The Hook Up): In the early 90s Melakii met up with the Brownsville natives, Smoothe da Hustler and his younger brother Trigger tha Gambler, and began writing music with the two siblings in search for a recording deal. Also, free styling with (Fame) a representative of M.O.P. and Tucka da hunta man Melakii began to enhance his skills. After the release of M.O.P. underground smash hit How About Some Hardcore, Melakii was introduced to Dr. Period by Smoothe and just like everyone else he liked what he heard, and began recording for the first time in his professional career. Shortly, after recording 3 songs with Dr. Period Melakii was sent to Aztechnique studios to record with Shareef Islam in the event of completing his demo project for Nexx Level Entertainment. During this time Profile Records A&R Ill Will Fulton who signed Smoothe da Hustler liked what he heard and took interest. A lot of confusion altered Melakiis chances to sign with Profile records and shortly thereafter Melakii parted ways with Nexx Level. (Back to Work): Now under the new alias U-KRAINE MADDOX the artist known as Melakii has now resurfaced with that energetic rap that gets the crowd hype, that sound thats authentic, and straight from the streets, Crazy animated STYLE delivered the way its viewed by U-KRAINE MADDOX. Expect the unexpected you can definitely Expect Crazy from this artist...
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