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Croxxbone Clicks till the day the world ends plus 1
54 songs
9.3K plays
There He Go - D. Tymz
Who's going to tell him it's too late to make his dreams true? There He Go! Is a song of rebellion against the idea that lyrical art has an age limit.
Riding - Maxx Allday & D. Tymz
Built for your riding Playlist. This song is a whole vibe from its melody and tone to its depth.
Choices - D. Tymz
Street Story - Croxxbone
Choke - D. Tymz
In light of recent events, i find it mandatory to tell you something real as opposed to just some more lines about nothing. Croxxbone Clicks Forever more.
Roll it Over - D.Tymz and Katalyst
Song writting is what I do. You provide the beat and tell me what you are looking for song-wise. I will write what I think your looking for and we will communicate back and forth until you are satisfied. Prices vary per song length and verse count. We can work it out.
Band/artist history
Croxxbone Clix came to life in 1996 down in Pensacola Florida. The original members; Me, MAC, Crazy, Philly, And Tiger are all around and adding members as much as possible. I have added about twenty of so members since i left FL in 1998. Croxxbone Clix is very much alive and thriving with members in ATL, NY, CA, FL, VA and North Carolina. I have songs published and performed threw other artist, in and out of the continental United States.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do perform as much as possible,
Your musical influences
Stevie Wonder, George Michaels, Sam Cooke, Tupac, Biggie, Bill Withers, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, NAS, Wu- Tang, Incubus, Lincoln Park.
What equipment do you use?
Cubase, a compressor microphone, a computer, pen, and paper. The human brain.
Anything else?
I will write a custom song just for you and I guarantee the price will not be unaffordable. You will be happy with your purchase! ciddonlp@yahoo.com
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