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Doctor Blues
Doctor Blues
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Dont Cray
The Doctor Blues is a Very Old Band to Basque Country in Bilbao
Band/artist history
DR. BLUES compose It today: Mikel Monasterio (GOTZON) Guitar and Songer ; Mikel Monastery (Gotzon) born in Bermeo in the year 54- has formed part in legendary bands of Bilbao as WENT the ONICES -1970-75 Winning of the Festival of Musika of the Club PIPERS OF BAKIO in colaboratiòns with the OFICCE AUTORYTIE OF THE BAKIO CITY in the year 1970 To play with a band BERMEANA called L IFE BLUES BAND, WINNING OF THE 7º FESTIVAL OF MUSICA MODERN OF GALDAKANO year-1975. Another band to play in the band herself name KIKE TURMIX AND THE PASAPURES; headed by the fattest monster of the ROCK & ROLL Basque, KIKE TURMIX That fuè member of the group PLESURE FOCKERS today in I gave vanished group for misfortune of the Rock. Form part of the orchestra of festivals ERAIKI (ARENAL) I Found together with Juan Carlos Ramos (Wasingthon Slim) the is the name group;WASINGTHON BLUES BAND; BAND OF LIFE EFÌMERY BUT FULL But late together al same Wasingnthon Slim and some components of the extinct band POPE BLUES BAND fundation the band BILBOBLUS, one of the bands to much popular of Bilbao and that was seven years Old of life. I touch with the band of reggae BYRON D during a year: Colaborated in numerous JAM SESSIONS OF MUSICA in different localities of Bilbao what vouches for her in musical experience there is long time a go Musical DIrector of the FAMOUS HALL OF CONCERTS GAUEKO DURING SOME 8 YEARS, WHOSE MUSICAL PATH IS WELL ACQUAINTANCE IN BILBAO BY TO HAVE BEEN THE POINT OF ENCOUNTER OF ALL IT MOVED ROCK ARTIST OF BILBAO. , In June of the 2000 Play in the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL THE BLUES OF GETXO, next to artists of the size of; MAGIC SLIM, PAUL LAMB, LITLE CHARLYE & NIGTH CATS, EARL GREEN. ETC. The play and oder musicians the blues of the Spain country ;RED HOUSE, ÑACO GOÑI,EDYE BIG HANDS AND BLUE TRAIN , TONKY DE LA PEÑA, TRES HOMBRES,J.TEIXI BAND,JOSE LUIS PARDO (The Mojoworkers) ETC. In diferent Scenary s, Festivals and Teatre Auditories . In August of 2004 playing in The Festival UNAMUNO ROCK, very best and important Festival to musicians of Bilbao ( Basque Country) Self-taught guitarrist; its style fussiona the form of ERIC CLAPTON in its elegance, The aggressiveness of FREDYE KING and the force of JIMY HENDRIX and STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN. Enters in the blues under the influence of; DR JOHN, B B. KING, T BONE WALKER during the 70 despues to pass for phases of JAZZ ROCK AND HARD ROCK, Respectively.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Blues Festival in Getxo Blues Concert
Your musical influences
Eric Clapton, BB.King, Jhon Mayall,Jimy Hendrix, T. Bonne Walker,Fredye King, Albert King, and other
What equipment do you use?
Fender Telecaster guitar and Fender Amplificier
Anything else?
Download Free Music Dr. Blues; http://doctorbluesband.iespana.es
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