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27 Tracks
Creative, diverse, & original old school fused w/ future school style. Mostly done on a 4-track cassette recorder.
21 songs
I'm a MC, DJ, beatboxer and producer. These songs are old; written between '93-'03 and recorded on a 4 track cassette tape. I'm working on new stuff now.
Band/artist history
I am the band on all these songs. I play all the instruments. I write it. I record it. Some beats are borrowed. In other projects I perform w/ a couple different bands as a DJ, MC, beatboxer and whatever other instrument I can get my hands on.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah. Mostly parties. A couple small gigs in some bars. Playing live is were it's at for me.
Your musical influences
Influences range wide from: Old & new school hip-hop, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, A tribe called quest, def jux, canibal ox, el-p, J dilla, eminem, kool keith, company flow, mf doom, public enemy, krs-1, chilli peppers, primus, tool, sabbath, old LL, mix master mike, girl talk, mickey avhendrix, doug e fresh, rahzel, sublime, g love & special sauce, Cee-Lo, aesop rock, slick rick, b shorty, too many to list
What equipment do you use?
My soul. My heart. My voice and beat-box. I have an anolog studio at home with a: Boss DR-770 drum machine, Boss SP-303 sampler, Casio CT-670, Stanton STR8-60's turntables w/ a vestax pmc 05 pro 2 mixer, Mackie 1402-VLZ mixer, Fender Music Master bass guitar, little bongo's, Shure SM58 mic, Bestler 5 peice drumset, harmonica, boss rc 50 loop station, vocal fx processer, samplitude for recording.
Anything else?
These tracks are pretty old. And even back when they were recorded I was going for an old school feel. I couldn't help but make it have that lo-fi sound. It was my first album. My first actual recording of stuff. My goal was to make something very eclectic, original and creative. It's different than most.
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