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What up I am Chevyscoop!!!! The name was created by things that are all about me. First of all i love Chevy cars, my grandfather had a red 69 impala that was passed to me. I have a back ground of fighting a little used to say "i scoop fellows". My band consists of Two people a hip hop artist(chevyscoop) and a R&b singer/beat maker(m.hill/phantom.hill)
Band/artist history
Working on Band History.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have been playing live for about a year started in late 2006 and I love it. I get to showcase the Superman side. I have a day job and i look nothing like a music artist and when i get on that stage there is a transformation. Just think this wasn't my dream i was only going to write for my R&B singer and my musical confidence allowed everyone around me to tell me to go for it.(Bro shawn, M.hill, G child, my intermediate family and a host of friends(Racheal)
Your musical influences
I was raised by myself, so I am my biggest influence and hip hop has helped me deal with trials in my life. I turn to music to escape. My mom, sister, brothers, aunts, uncles(rest in peace) Grandfathers(rip) The hood i was raised(my birth certificate has my hood stamp) I witnessed a family death at a young age. My dad was a drug lord....My life has a great story and i have all the foundation to take music any direction i want.. I am the complete artist.
What equipment do you use?
Condensor mic, fantomx6 keyboard, acid, cool edit. etc
Anything else?
I do music for my soul, bout to Rock and roll, Chevy is a rock star/ hip hop star.fHolla
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