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Cosmos II
A mainly one-person band featuring strong vocals and guitar back-up, playing a variety of songs in a rock, folk, and pop blend. The songs range from science ner
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All from Nothing?
Ponderings about where the universe came from
Relatively Weird
A semi-humorous song about Einstein's special relativity (travel near the speed of light) and general relativity (strong gravity). Written for science students but fun for all sentient beings in the cosmos!
Life and Death in the Cosmos
Another Planet
If we trash the Earth with global warming and deaths of species, there's no other hospitable place in the Solar System. Targeted to politicians who cater to businessmen whose only priority is short-term gain. A good song for Earth Day.
Cosmos II is the pseudonym of Alan Marscher, a professor of astronomy at Boston University. Usually, he performs alone on guitar and vocals. The songs are all originals composed and copyrighted by Marscher. Some are "science nerd" songs that Cosmos II performs to science students at B.U. The majority, though, are just general songs about life, love, the pursuit of happiness and meaning, and various other random topics. Most of the songs are in English, while some are in Russian, the country where Marscher's wife, Svetlana hails from. The style is a mixture of rock, pop, and folk - what is often termed "adult contemporary." Many are humorous - e.g., "Medical Miracle" about how Viagra has revitalized a lot of middle-aged men or "Relatively Weird" about the wonders and perils of traveling around at near-light speeds. Others are philosophical, such as "All from Nothing?" about how the universe came to exist and "Elusive Truth" that asks whether absolute truth can exist. Some are just plain love songs - an example is "Together or Apart" - and others are love-is-difficult songs, like "Winter's Darkness." Laughs and tears for everyone! Marscher recorded all of the songs himself on a small digital recorder. He doesn't have loads of free time, so he hasn't worked hard enough to remove imperfections, add a drum pattern, etc. But most songs have harmony and are at least at the "demo" level of quality. Friends who have listened to them have neither gone mad nor rushed the CD to the local recycling center. More importantly to Cosmos II, Marscher can listen to them without wretching in horror over the slight mis-timings of the different tracks and other imperfections.
Band/artist history
The cosmos started out in the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play mostly in front of my classes, at an annual event + party called "Astronomy Unplugged" that I organize in my department, at the annual B.U. College of Arts and Sciences talent review, and for friends and relatives.
Your musical influences
I like good melody, strong lyrics, and a projected voice, so the Beatles, Queen (check out the song '39 written by guitarist Brian May on the "Night at the Opera" album - it's about space travel at very near light speed), and Elvis Costello are among the strongest influences on my style.
What equipment do you use?
I have a Schecter electric guitar and an Ibanez acoustic guitar with pickup. I keep a Yamaha acoustic guitar in St. Petersburg because the airports enroute usually like to keep it an extra day or two when I travel with it, probably thinking that the case could hold some weapon of destruction as well as a guitar.
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Very Good .
This 15 year old song has got No Right to be #4 in Country-Pop. I suggest spending time in writing some songs written in this decade instead of constantly clicking on all your old songs just to keep them at the top of all the charts. Much room for improvement in your songwriting skills. Although your skills at keeping your old songs constantly in the top 10 of all the genres has successfully been mastered. Congrats!
How long Cosmos II song's continue to hog the top of all the Soundclick charts: TIMELESS!
Every minute is painful. But hey, you're at the top of the charts (again) so I guess that's all that matters to you.
Congrats on yet another Top 10 smash hit. It's a shame the charting system doesn't reflect the quality of the song, which in this case sounds like it got sucked into a black hole. Work harder at improving your songs, and not improving your inflated ratings!
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