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Stephen Gashler
Stephen Gashler
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I can talk to shadows. Unfortunately, they don't talk back.
Your Imaginary Friend's unique musical style is a combination of musical theater, humor, folk, modern acoustic and electronic rock. As musicians, storytellers and puppeteers, the multi-talented members of Your Imaginary Friends perform dynamic family-friendly shows. They also make their own videos and audio plays (http://yourimaginaryfriends.net).
Band/artist history
Your Imaginary Friends (formerly known as Gashlaria, A Band For All Seasons, The Adorable Monsters, and A Horse And His Band) began as an experimental music group started by Curtis Wiederhold (guitar), Stephen Gashler (vocalist) and Freddy Desposorio (bass) in Provo, Utah. Their style was born by fusing Steves humorous musical theater compositions with Curtis and Freddys flare for modern rock, such as in The Monkeys Will Make Off With Your Children. Lacking a female vocalist, Steve invited Teresa Peavler to join the band, who later became his wife. Teresas compositions introduced a somber, alternative sound, such as in Runner in the Rain. The addition of Davey Morrison and his compositions introduced folk, such as in Cherokee Darling. Steve and Teresa Gashler also worked as storytellers and puppeteers for their community under the name Gashlaria, and after the band then known as A Band for All Seasons had a general falling out, the team decided to combine the two groups. Today, Your Imaginary Friends is a multi-talented music, storytelling and puppetry team. They bring their music to life through quirky skits and puppet shows. They also record their own songs and make their own videos through Steve and Teresas multimedia production company, Gashler Media. With the addition of Monte Emerson (Trance Emerson) to the band, their producer, techno and synth artist, their music has begun to achieve a style and breadth unparalleled by other groups.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We perform regularly at many venues throughout Utah. We have yet to tour.
Your musical influences
Musical theater, folk, alternative, electronic, pop, acoustic, humor, Simon & Garfunkel, They Might Be Giants, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, storytelling, puppetry, comedy, Sesame Street, Jim Henson, Billy Joel, The Beatles
What equipment do you use?
Electric & acoustic guitars, electric bass, keyboards, drums, accordion, harmonica, recorders, synthesizers, samples, Reason, Cubase, Vegas, Protools, the Free Sound Project
Anything else?
Our motto is "Rebel against rebellion!"
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