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The Cheating Husbands
The Cheating Husbands
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Jazzy Rock with a funky twist
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Peak in sub-genre #95
A Band From Moncton New-Brunswick Canada. We play jazzy rocky music.
Band/artist history
The outcome of some pre-pubescant confusion, a few drunken incidents and a hell of alot of style, the Cheating Husband are no exception the list of bands that happened almost by accident, but unlike unwanted pregnancy, this accident feels too good. The early fetal stages of the band came about when lead signer Rémi Belliveau and Bassist Shaky were in 8th grade. While most boys their age were preocupied with video games, naked girls and choking their chickens, Rémi and Shaky were all ready planning to play some music. Having the general idea that they were going to jam some incubus with an overlooked lack of talent the boys discused this idea for a while, but it ended up being forgoten, and remained untouched for the next few years. Then in the year of 2006, something amazing happened, Remi met guitarist Jim, and a beautiful friendship resulted. Even tho they were fast becoming friends like most people Jim had never heard Rémi sing, and with the help of our friend alcohol, in came the singing. Jamming at parties followed and Shaky joined in the drunken music playing. The deal was sealed at one party in particular, when Jim and Shaky pronouced the magical words to an over excited Rémi.......they were gonna start a band! With the general idea that incubus would be the item of expression, they began learning some songs and planing the first jamming session, which took place in Jim's basment. With bassist Shaky playing drums, with a lack of equipment, what would probably be the worst jamming session ever, felt so right, and the search for a drummer was on. Not long after, Shaky asked Axiom (a local band) drummer, J-D Tibodault, to join the group, being an incubus fan like all the others, J-D fit perfectly in the group. With such a diverse blend of individuals finaly as one, and ready to play some music....a magical journey was unfolding. The jamming started to take place and the Cheating Husbands were on their way. (The name ''Cheating Husbands'' came about when guitarist Jim was joking about a possible name for the group.) Their first performance came about by accident. The school year had just ended and a big party ensued, with a stage and lighting and sound tech and everything. By complete coincidence, all the members (most of them inhebreated) were attending the party and somehow dilivered a spontanious preformance. The people loved it, and the drive for more was instaled. Since then the Cheating Husbands have been cheating non stop. With no songs to their name yet and a bucket full of talent, keep your ears open for the rightious sound that is the husbands who cheat.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not lately but we played at a bar a couple times and random gigs around town
Your musical influences
Incubus, Chili peppers, Dave Matthews, Rage against the machine and many more