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Three Thirty Eight
Three Thirty Eight
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3:38 is a solo industrial/electronica/soundscape artist. 3:38 lives in a small chamber where the light never reaches. The blooming white of 3:38’s skin is poiso
You Will Hate Life More Than Life Hates You
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Everything I Am is Now Everything I Was
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3:38 is a solo electronic musician. 3:38 lives in a small chamber where the light never reaches. The blooming white of 3:38's skin is poisonous and bleeds everything it touches. Come close and touch the decay. 3:38 has produced two albums, "Decade Dismantle" and "Destroying Angel." They are available at the 3:38 store (http://cafepress.com/ramatheson).
Band/artist history
The first spores of 3:38 first germinated in 2000 when R.A.Matheson first began experimenting with MIDI. What resulted were sounds ranging from Breakbeat, to Experimental Noise, to Acid House, to Electro Grindcore. A number of these early Electro-Grind tracks were heavily rotated on the now-defunct internet radio site Grindradio.com. In 2005, 3:38 matured to its current form. A number of demo tracks were written and released on a limited basis, garnering a small but loyal following. It was during this time that the 3:38 moniker was assumed. The project evolved extensively throughout the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006, resulting in the release of Decade Dismantle, a nineteen-track spawn chronicling the end of a decade-plus relationship. Decade Dismantle was received well, its tracks split about evenly between songs that told the story directly through lyrics and vocals, and songs that told their tale only in sound. Next, in 2007, came a more refined, yet just as eclectic, sound in Destroying Angel. This album related the story of a mans obsession with a much younger girl, and what results from this. This album, with its very dark theme, also moved back and forth between more traditional vocally-driven tracks and the ambient noise-scapes that 3:38 had become known for. A storybook accompanied the release of this album, which related the story in a more direct manner. Tracks like She Walked by My Window and I Hungered set the mood, while the last, hidden track, Vertical Scars, left the listener wondering if the whole thing was some terrible, suicide-inducing dream the narrator had. Shortly after Destroying Angels release, 3:38 released a very limited edition album titled Tones of White. This album, titled Tones of White, was over an hour in length spread across fourteen tracks that pushed the limits of what could be called instrumental, experimental ambient music and noise. Currently, 3:38 is busy spreading mycelium across the web in preparation for the release of a third wide-release album. The new album is quite a progression from the previous works by 3:38, and stands to be the best album yet, by far. Demos of the songs The Lotus Eater, "Crying Mirrors," and "You Will Hate Life More Than Life Hates You," have been released, and have flown up the charts of the Industrial charts on soundclick.com. Stop by soundclick.com/threethirtyeight and give a listen, and stay tuned for updates on the new albums status.
Your musical influences
3:38 has been influenced by all manner of sounds. During his childhood years, artists such as Adam Ant, Blondie, The Beatles, Queen, David Bowie, Duran Duran, and The Police were heavily played. As a teenager, artists such as Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Tori Amos, Faith No More, and The Cure were listened to. As an adult, bands such as Velvet Acid Christ, The Deftones, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Electrocutionerdz, and a plethora of underground Grindcore bands were added to the repertoire. 3:38 often finds inspiration in the sounds of daily events and emotion.
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