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Hope 4 Da Hood Music
Hope 4 Da Hood Music
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Good Times Kinkiz feat Purpose
I met Jesus Christ in 1997. I accepted him into my heart but didn't know the 1st thing about Christianity so I was getting drunk and going to church. I noticed that I started to change the way I acted even to the extreme where I drank less and I slowed my roll on the fighting. I was doing really good, started working out and doing good for myself. I quit going to church thinking I'm healed! I thought that because I met God I was good. My life was more positive then it had ever been. I got married and had alot of trouble. I prayed and prayed & I returned to church; even though I prayed and went back to church my marriage failed and I still suffered the whole time. This time I turned from God completely in a selfish attempt to heal myself. I started going to the clubs and getting into fights and seeing different women. Before I knew it I had way more trouble then I could handle I continued to sin and rely on myself although I never stopped believing in God I gave him thanks but I felt like I was unworthy to come back to him because of all the things that I did. It wasn't until not long ago a good friend invited me to a church event on June 6th 2009 that I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. Today I'm humbly walking with him and soaking in the word of God. This is my testimony I'm sharing it with you not to boast of what God has done for me as those of you that know me well know where I've came from. My testimony is to instill hope for those who have none and for those who backslid and believe that you are truly lost I'm here with a message of hope and good news. God loves you and would like you to invite him into your heart. If you've accepted Christ in your heart and fell astray dust yourself off and ask him to come back into your heart do this with 100% faith and sincerity and let God turn your world upside down like he did me. My worries were lifted, my pain comforted, my doubts absolved, my anger was calmed, but most importantly the hole in my heart that huge void was filled with true love that you can only get by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. I was a carnal man I accepted Christ but I tried to live up to God's standards by myself. I was ignorant to the fact that the Holy Spirit is sent from heaven to come and dwell inside of us and guide us. Now that I know this and I have been healed mentally & Spiritually I take my cross and I walk with the Lord. For those who have never accepted Jesus as their Lord & Personal savior you too can experience true love & fulfillment ask Jesus into your heart and confess that you are a sinner believe in your heart that he rose from the dead on the 3rd day but more importantly that he died so that you and I would not perish. He's waiting for you! God Bless ......
Band/artist history
I started a record label called Arapnaphobia Records in 2004 when my cousin was about to go to jail. We named it Arapnaphobia because a friend of ours that passed on had a dream to make his own label. I brought friends and rappers together and we made Arapnaphobia Records. We were gaining fame but my family life was suffering. I gave my life to Christ on June 5th 2009 and everything followed with me! My music and my talents all is to the Glory of God
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We perform live
Your musical influences
Jesus Christ and our Testimony!!!!
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools and Reason 4.0
Anything else?
If you havent' made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior I encourage you to ask him into your heart!!!! Once you do your life will change forever!!!! All Glory to The Lord most high!!!!
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