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If hunger is the battery that keeps every great emcee ticking, then consider Raze malnourished. Its that hunger that makes Raze one of the most promising new cats in this third generation of emceeing. A product of the once dope-n-bullet riddled streets of New Yorks legendary Lower East Side, Raze always commands both attention and respect when he spits. Few artists can impress after first listen. Raze can. Few emcees can spit freely on a street corner, on a personal level with a sense of social consciousness and garner strong responses. Raze can. His distinct Rhyme flow and uncanny word play landed him on the Source Magazines Unsigned Hype column as a kid in 1999. A year later, Raze landed a deal with Loud Records (Wu-Tang Clan, Xzibit, Mobb Deep and Big Pun) as a member of the roughneck ensemble, GHETTO INMATES. While out in California recording tracks for the group debut, Raze caught the ear of Cypress Hill DJ/ Producer, DJ Muggs. So impressed was the multi-platinum producer that he laced Raze with two tracks for his solo project the street classic mixtape/album Leavin Empty Shells with DJ J-Love. Two winters ago, Raze competed and won by unanimous decision in Fight Klub, a New York based emcee battle event where the top dogs in the game go head to head lyrically. His talents lined his pockets with a few g's and lots of respect in the Hip Hop community. Having attracted the interest of several majors, the Lower Deck rhyme slinger, has decided to fore go any proposed offer and ride out with his partner in rhyme (DEF JAM/ROCAFELLA) Artist TRU-LIFE. Bringing the GHETTO INMATES to the forefront of the Rap game. Once you hear Raze rhyme you can tell he is no manufactured personality. Working alongside several of hip hops top producers, Raze is sure to make his mark in the game. With tracks in his catalog like Fallback and Bosses Raze aligns himself with reputed producer, Alchemist (Jadakiss, Ghost Face, Mobb Deep), to conjure a prime example of what makes him a cut above the rest: razor sharp lyrics with well thought out verses add an authentic undertone to his claims. In an industry saturated with those who play fast and loose with the truth, the intricate web of rhymes, spun by Raze, ring truthful. It is his luminary ability that allows listeners a personal and retrospective look into his past, as well as his present fears and doubts that add substance to tracks such as Which Way? and the self titled RAZE. However the Boricua (Puerto Rican) emcees true talent lies in his ability to adapt witty word play with self experienced and eye witnessed street tales. Some of the reasons why Raze is sure to garner lyrical acclaim and position himself at the head of the Hip Hop commission. Standing a man, willing to return his craft to its golden age,while pumping out hits and street classics. Raze is already making his rounds through out New Yorks underground circuit, leaving a trail of broken mics in his path, and in the process, setting off a legitimate word of mouth phenomenon amongst his peers and new listeners alike.
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Kool G Rap, Rakim, KRS1, Epmd, Big Daddy Kane,N.W.A, Tribe called Quest, Wu-Tang, B.I.G, Nas, Pac, BigPun
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