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Simply Undrin
Simply Undrin
21 Tracks
Blended, busy trance music... Synths, drums, and some random crap...! Just a hobby but music is a huge part of my life so I take pride in (most of) it.
I have been an amateur for a couple of years now, its a hobby, and more creative than many other things I could get into. I like to use a main melody of my own devising and have variations on that with a lot of back up from loops and drums. The result is a very blending, slightly busy sound... I like that sort of thing... People who give suggestions will be worshiped if they so choose... I'm happy to get any advice
Band/artist history
The first group of songs (sort of an album) went out quickly, but with not a lot of experience or skill. The second group was innovative and much higher quality, but still not quite right. Hopefully the third group will move in the direction that I want it to... towards dancier, more substantial beats and themes... Now that I've reached this point, I realize its mostly just
Your musical influences
Psychic Element- Limit of Sound inspired me to begin making music on the computer... my music sounds nothing like it though... Outside of electronica I enjoy alternative rock bands... and regular rock...and alternative...and jazz.... I'm a little bias against rap... but I really will listen to just about anything as long as its done well
What equipment do you use?
my computer and a keyboard and my fingers The early ones were made with Acid music Studio 7, the more recent ones are made with Acoustica Mixcraft.
Anything else?
Remember to give any suggestions, recently I've been kinda looking for some good remixes of movie music to do...
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