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The Celturian
The Celturian
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The Celturian...Acoustic Warrior Fully Armed with fretting behaviour..my only weopon the Acoustic AX! I play Classical and Celtic instrumentals with passion an
Gypsy in the Camp
Today #58 in Traditional Celtic subgenre
Iife on the Strings
Peak position #62
No Mans Blues
Peak position #89
Blues in the Attic
Peak position #94
Country Acoustic
Peak position #88
Kashmir (Arr Jimmy Page)
A solo Artist in the UK....in Celtic rock and Classical instrumentals...Giving the humbled acoustic guitar power and dimension...infusion of all fields of music, molded and shaped into bright flowing textures, in fast flurries in jigs ...reels...strathspeys...blues...Performances for BBC radio...Rock festivals..
Band/artist history
MARTIN LUCAS - THE CELTURIAN An acoustic warrior with an acoustic guitar as his weapon, Martin Lucas aka The Celturian - has been captivating audiences with his unique musical style. The Birmingham-based self-taught musician, who has also been dubbed the Celtic Jimi Hendrix, has raised the popularity of Gaelic-themed music to new levels by pioneering its performance on acoustic guitar. With no margin for error, Martin relies on concentration and muscular fingers for his continuous solos that veer from heartfelt melody to frenetic flurry. Having experimented in the Celtic format since the 1990s, his style involves using the entire neck of his Takamine guitar in fast reels, using open tuning with up to three capos or more to present a richer range of chords. The Celturian Martins own word to help define his music - is now taking his Celtic acoustic format to new heights with the recording of a new album entitled The Eye, in collaboration with singer-songwriter and martial artist Fay Yvonne (Fay Goodman). The all-original work, produced with the musical backing of Rick Wakeman and studio support from Louis Nicastro, producer of The Stranglers, is due for release in June 2010. The album entitled the Eye has been released and is available on itunes and Amazom and at www.goodmedia.co.uk Also our second album with Rick Wakeman on ,called I know I have a heart is availble to.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My performances over the years for BBC radio Rock fests on stage with Blaze Bayley Ironmaidon Wishbone Ash Saxon Bob Catley Berni Tormi..Trevor Burton from the Move...Gives me great satisfaction to be a part of the music industry.
Your musical influences
My influences as to be Steve Howe from the Yes such a progressive guitarist....Gordon Giltrap...Fairport Convention...Richard Thompson ...
What equipment do you use?
I use a Ashdown combi rad acoustic amp...Takamine ltd semi acoustic guitars...Gibson Chet semi Classical and Ovation
Anything else?
Please contact: Jasmine at GOODMEDIA LIMITED on +44 (0)121 693 9390 or Fay on +44(0)7976 426463 email: press@goodmedia.co.uk thecelturian1@mail.com www.goodmedia.co.uk www.thecelturian.com
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