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Abel Since 2012
Abel Since 2012
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My music is my outlet. I write about my life and its ups and downs. Everything Ive ever written about has either happened before,is happening now,or is going to
I started messing with the idea of writing music back in junior high school in Antioch,TN.I didn't really get serious with it until I moved down to Jacksonville,FL when I was 17 and met one of my best friends Nick,who heard some of my lyrics and influenced me to take it more serious. Since then I've tweaked some of my writing,recorded a few tracks and came close to making some big steps towards taking it to the next level. Ive met a lot of people through music and soaked up anything and everything I could learning from anyone who was willing to teach. When I met Joe (IV) at my old job back in Hermitage,TN he heard that I wrote so we hit it off when he told me he did too. We've made a lot of tracks since those days and he is one of the main reasons why I haven't walked away from the microphone for good. A lot of changes have occurred since those days in TN. Ive met the love of my life and gotten married,and became a father of two,my beautiful daughter Lyric and my little buddy Cato.My passion for music has since been sort of pushed to the back with my new found love for being a husband and a father being my new obsession but here lately that fire has been rising inside of me again. This time around,however is a little bit different. My wife and myself have recently given our lives back to Christ so the old music isn't too appealing to me anymore. Quite frankly after seeing what God has opened my eyes up to and showed me,I'm done with writing the way I used to but I'm not done writing by far. I've never written Christian music in my life and to be honest I haven't listened to it much either but with this new spark and inspiration Ive received I'm going to give it a shot and see where God takes me with it. God blessed me with these talents and there's no better way I can repay him other than to use these talents for him. God Bless
Have you performed in front of an audience?
haven't in a very long time
Your musical influences
Too many to name
What equipment do you use?
home studio
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