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Solo Urban Gospel artist.
Band/artist history
Beginning with singing on the church circuit on the West Coast after the death of our Executive producer Genevive Lewis dreams along with her seemed to die for our sister act. My dream never died but until now is just realized through this debut Indi CD, ÒCan You Tell MeÓ. Prior performances were secular in nature With R&B Group Hot Pursuit and World Beat. Until God call her to this path. Do you believe in miracle? I do. There was a time in my life when the fight was gone my faith was non- existent and my hope have ebbed away. Though I had been raised in a very religious household and church was my world the church was not there for me when I was in need them and in my time of trouble I walked away. Further, though all the teaching and preaching I still had no real life understanding of or relationship my maker. I made all the mistakes as a teenager that one could; hanging out with the wrong people, teen pregnancy, drugs, depression and finally hopelessness. The reason that I believe in miracles is this; one day I decided to try him that is God for myself. Not only the teachings of religion that I had learned most of my life. I had made a conscientious decision to study and understand what it was really all about for my self. I asked God on my own without the church to accept me back into his arms and he did. I ask him to re-teach me as I studied his word, to help me rid myself of the legalism that I never understood in the first place and was a major cause of my leaving him and to help me to see him for who he really is. I also ask him to convict me by the spirit and to show me my purpose in this life. ItÕs funny as you remember that the things that you ask God for have already provide. I took a while to after the first reading of the Bible I understood and wanted to live and believe for his promises. I GOT MORE THAN I BARGAINED FOR. He didnÕt have to prove anything to me, but He did. I am so grateful He did. As I began attending church I found one that was to my liking. I extended myself for the praise team and various other roles such as, youth ministry as a member of the body. What I discovered later was a transformation that I had not notice even was happening. Life held so much more joy no matter what my circumstances.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Various Churches, benefits or wherever invited. Yes, I love it! When people feel and words I sing.
Your musical influences
My influences are not all gospel... . Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gay, the writing of the Isley Brothers songs. Luther Vandross and many artist of the nineties SWV, Whitney Houston, Shirley Caesar, The Clark Sister, Ce Ce Winans and more.
What equipment do you use?
Work Station and pro tools, microphone,
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