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A blend of radio pop, hard rock, and a hint of punk and modern country influence, as well as an energetic stage show featuring some of the most talented musicia
Formed with a plan of being an amazing rock n' roll band. The plan is working.
Band/artist history
SL: Myself and Corey (Linden, lead guitar) started back up after feeling like our last band had sort of hit a dead end. We had toiled for several years and we still weren't getting any more recognition, despite dozens of shows, two tours, music videos, the whole nine yards. We decided that we weren't going to let it ruin music for us, and that we should take a shot at doing it better running the show ourselves. So I took on lead vocals, since I had sung in every band i'd been in before that one, and had stayed in practice during my tenure. I also had written a lot of songs that other members of the band refused to touch. Corey is a fantastic guitarist, and he also has a faster ear for harmonies than me, so between us, we are able to build songs up very quickly once we have a "skeleton" of a song to work with.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
SL: Absolutely. We've been playing live in different bands for almost 10 years each, paying dues, if you will. Our first show ever was set up really nicely by a friend of our who owns a pretty cool local venue, playing with Danger Danger, Enuff Z'nuff, Bang Tango ("Someone Like You") and Billy Morris, who has played guitar for Warrant, Quiet Riot and Paul Gilbert.
Your musical influences
SL: They change very quickly, so here is the most current: Me: Hit the Lights, Florida Georgia Line, Priscilla (80's band), Rocket From the Tombs (proto-punk band from Cleveland circa 1974). Corey: Pride and Glory (with Zakk Wylde), Peppermint Creeps (cartoon-themed glam rock band), Pretty Boy Floyd (80's band), Pantera, and Motley Crue.
What equipment do you use?
We use SIT Strings, Spector Basses, custom handmade and Kramer guitars, Audix Microphones, Blue Microphone Cables, and Tama Drums and hardware.