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Five piece pop/rock band from Southeast London.
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Ashkari are a 5 piece pop/rock/alternative band from Southeast London, formed from the ashes of previous band "Envy". Soundwise, people will have to make their own minds up...
Band/artist history
Starting off from the hangover of a former band, Envy, Ashkari begun as drawing a line under the past and looking to the future. A few faces have come and gone, some good, others not so, but things have always moved forward. A remixed version of "Crazy" by Redshirt Theory was included in the soundtrack to the Flatout game released just before Xmas 2010 and offers to submit tracks for film and TV have since followed. 2011 certainly looks interesting...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Ashkari intend to play wherever possible, but, as it's early days after the hangover of Envy, the band are focusing on London for the time being, whilst also considering festival offers...
Your musical influences
Influences are wide and varied, from bone-crushing rock, to club sounds. Anything that floats our boat goes; Whether that's a classic rock riff straight out of Guns n' Roses, Led Zepplin, or Jimi Hendrix, or a sample on a Britney Spears track, it's all good. A touch of Muse here, Basement Jaxx there, a sprinkling of Beatles or Rolling Stones... It's not about what you like, or how we're influenced, it's about how it sounds at the other end...
What equipment do you use?
A real back-to-basics setup in many ways. Gibson Les Pauls, through Marshall amps, no multi-effects units...raw...