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Soul Purpose USA
Soul Purpose USA
14 Tracks
Roots, Rock and Reggae. the mysteries of the cosmos revealed in 4-minute danceable slices. vine-ripened grooves, sun-baked musical goodness. like cheeks restin
The foundations of Soul Purpose - a four piece band from Sarasota Florida - are a roots, rock and reggae. Influenced by the dichotomy of living in paradise and going through hell. Their "soul purpose" can not be satisfied through one genre. Bob Marley, Sublime, Larry Norman, Gospel Music, The Who, Metallica, even Bluegrass music come into play.
Band/artist history
Pat and Joe came to Soul Purpose from a long-standing Ohio and Florida rock band called Havoc. After years of travelling and national airplay from a contest won, Pat has come back to Florida in full creative mode where he can flourish as the songwriter he is. Sure there have been other projects in-between, but none so motivating as Soul Purpose. Pat says, "I have never been in a band with better musicians, who know how to play off of each other so well". Joe a studied and masterful rhythm king, who is well versed in many styles of drumming - notably his double bass kick drum - has been known to stroke an irresistible beat over our fans' bodies. Vocally Joe adds the needed harmony to further intermingle beat with melody. Al is an accomplished, published songwriter/producer who has produced some local projects ranging from punk to pop rock. You can bet he has had his hand in "Needful Things". He has been involved in several original bands over the years. Zion, Majesty, Rapid Pulse, Random Act, B-Movie... to name a few. He learned his craft like a lot of musicians, in church. He was even the director of music for a growing church in Lakewood Ranch Fl. Al's love is the live show, "My favorite thing about live performance is, I can take one of my songs, even if it has not been heard before, and have people singing, dancing and enjoying themselves!" Mike joined Soul Purpose as an accomplished songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. Coming from a family of musicians, his musical prowess is evident not only in his technical ability, but the emotional pull that gravitates towards his every note. A believer in understatement, Mike strives to be subtle, to augment and enhance rather than to bust through walls. He loves Soul Purpose's mix of ideas and sounds and the pursuit of creativity for its own sake ... and for the sake of making people groove :) Michael Silbaugh was born in the mid 70's in Pittsburg, PA. He became involved in music at an early age, singing in school and church choirs, then took an interest in violin. Mike's father and uncle played guitar and he decided that he "wanted a piece of that". After discovering the talents of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and Eric Clapton, he was convinced that playing guitar was what he wanted to do. He practiced relentlessly, listened to his favorite music and learned as much as he could from the styles of several guitar players. His Dad saw how hard he practiced and how quickly he learned and encouraged Mike by telling him that maybe he would "make a difference in some kid's life one day."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We Play live quite often and it is where we thrive. Playing for big crowds is neat but honestly the most rewarding is when we play for Camp Florida Fish Tales. Wheelchair bound kids who love music and dance in their chairs and sing. Truly remarkable.
Your musical influences
Roots, Rock and Reggae. We like it loud, good and loud. Our influences are like our band, diverse. They are Bob Marley, Larry Norman, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Yes Kansas, Rush, Foreigner, Free, Bad Company, Metallica, Peter Tosh, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, The Foo Fighters, Led Zepplin, Petra, Resurrection Band, Lynard Skynard, The Allman Brothers, The Police, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Queensryche, David Bowie, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Temptations, Sam and Dave, Otis Redding, Steve Winwood, Shaggy, Outkast, Black Eyed Peas, Paul Simon, Ben Harper
What equipment do you use?
Paul Reed Smith, Gibson, and Fender Guitars., Marshall, Ampeg, SWR, and Fender Amplification. The Effects are usualy old school like Electro Harmonix, and Ibenez Tube Screamers Morley, wah, and Cry Baby ETC
Anything else?
I Think it is important to note that our band philosophically could not be more diverse, different, or just out and out opposite. Spiritually, politically, and economically we all come from very different backgrounds. But when we come together the music, the passion overrides any ambiguity of purpose. Music is the language of the soul. That is our purpose. to speak to your soul.
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