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Evelyn Tai
Evelyn Tai
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This song, , is a pretty important song for me, probably THE song of my life, so let me take some time to explain it.... 1. For about a year before writing this song, I'd been faithfully praying and reading my bible every day, and couldn't feel anything at all; you know how it is, you KNOW God listens, but he keeps really silent.... 2. Then on 19th August 2000 (which also happens to be my mom's birthday), I was leading the tambourine dancers in church during worship, and at the end of worship, my senior pastor suddenly said he had a prophecy for me. I was very surprised.... and it was a great prophecy, full of warnings of danger (which I ignored and had to pay for in later years, although that's another story), and the hope of a spirit-filled destiny. It wasn't just the content of the prophecy, though; the whole point of it was that GOD HAD NOTICED ME! That it wasn't wasted, all the prayers and tears; he HAD heard me, and this was his way of showing it. 3. One last thing - the pastor asked if I were studying in the Science stream class in school, and I said yes. And then he asked if I wanted to be a doctor, and I assented, and he had a vision that it would happen. I was just 16 then, and struggling with subjects like Add Maths and Physics... I'd barely scraped through my mid-term exams, and kept toying with the idea of dropping out of school. But after that assurance, I was filled with confidence for every exam, even up to the point where I was supposed to come back to school to pick up my STPM results; there was no doubt in my mind that it would be good news, because God had given his promise; I WOULD be a doctor. And so I wrote the song, Chosen, to express all these thoughts; that God had noticed me, and given me a future, although I really wasn't the most perfect girl around (there were other girls in my church whom I felt God would like better; the ones where, standing beside them, I feel shy to even speak to them, because they seem so pure and beautiful, and I feel awkward). The truth is, God chose EACH of us by sending Jesus to die for us on the cross, and when we choose him in return, by choosing to live for him, he gives us a great destiny. God chose us first; but WE choose whether we want to follow him, to live as God's children. We choose to be CHOSEN. I hope that as you listen to the song, you'll know that even if you feel unnoticed and alone, or even if, like me, you've spent a lifetime making mistakes, God sees you, and he's got a wonderful plan for your life. You ARE chosen, even though sometimes you forget it. God has got a great destiny waiting just for you; you just wait on God, and at the right time, he'll make it all happen. :-) -Evelyn-
Band/artist history
Not much of a band history here, but I guess I could explain how I got here in the first place :-) I started writing songs in 2001, when I needed a song to fit the theme for the worship that I was leading in my school Christian Fellowship. Even before that, I'd thought that it shouldn't be so hard, but I wanted the first song to be special. After that, there were lots of songs, and then in some years, less, and in later years, lots of songs about heartbreak, and very few about God, 'cos of not talking to him that often.. But every year, the Christian Fellowship would ask me to write a theme song for the camp, and sometimes, that would be the only song I'd write - one a year - and then in 2007, when I'd once again written the camp theme song, we had a special guest speaker for the camp; Pastor Ng Wah Lok. In the days leading up to that camp, I was really excited, especially 'cos I really liked his song 'Every Time I Pray'. Plus, I felt that something great would come out of meeting him; something that would change the future. I planned to bring to the camp my songbook (of every single song I'd written) ;-), 'just in case'; but after that, I chided myself for my pride, and decided NOT to bring the book, 'cos after all, why would the most important person at camp (besides God, of course - although technically, everyone is equally important) be interested in my songs? Well, what happened at camp was that I did meet Pastor Wah Lok, and he was nice enough to hear a few of my songs (which we couldn't play so well on the guitar cos I didn't bring my songbook..*sigh*), then we started corresponding by email, and that's how my songs finally got recorded, 'cos he has a friend, Esther, who can do sound engineering, plus has a home studio - she kindly helped out, so I owe it to both of them, plus God, as always (and of course, my parents and their incessant prayers :-)). Ok, this is really long now :- ) But I think that's as far as the story goes, til now :-) God works things out in His own way, in His time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Errr... Before age 7: I can't remember, although my mom says I used to sing a song that went "I am the boss. I am the big boss. I am the biggest boss there ever was" or something of the sort. ;-) Age 7- 9: Mostly radio; my dad would drive me to school, and keep changing the channel, so I got a sort of manual 'Mix FM'. Age 12: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson Age 15: Michael Learns To Rock, 911, Air Supply, Carpenters, Def Leppard Age 18: John Denver Lately: Harry Chapin - great lyrics.
What equipment do you use?
I play the guitar, but just a bit :-) I don't know very many chords, but I do as well as I can with the ones I do ;-)
Anything else?
Well... I can't think of any memorable last words, but ah... here's a good one... these two are the verses for my life: Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Psalm 37:4 - Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
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