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Demented People With Powerful Toys
Demented People With Powerful Toys
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The description of Demented People With Powerful Toys combines the oldschool gabber sound of Psycho Squad with modern technological
Brainwashed with massive doses of drugs, subsonic sound terrorism and intense strobelight therapy altered the minds of the limitless, ultramusical,multicrossover and ├╝berunderground siamese twinproducerduo RonJohn,resulting in a wide range of bands and projects. Demented People With Powerful Toys is the new name they chose after the rebirth of Psycho Squad. But Psycho Squad is what it is.Demented People With Powerful Toys is the latest addition to RonJohn repertoire. The next in line after Psycho Squad, Narcotica Brigade, Chronic Malfunction, OXL andOXLs remix projec OQSL
Band/artist history
Demented People With Powerful Toys is the follow up of PsychoSquad, which is the first musical cooperation of the conjoined producersduo Ronjohn.Formed in Holland in late 1991/early 1992 to express our creativity that was triggered by all those differnet new sounds and rhythms our minds were bombarded with for 2 years, from the acidhouse and breakbeat of 89/90 Golden Early Gabber Age.Brainwashed with massive dosis of drugs and weekends without sleep could also have had something to do with it Starting out with nothing more than a Commodore Amiga and a Sampler (can you imagine??it was the pre pc age.Yes we're that old!). Later on we started working with Atari when we started collecting our first real studiogear,synths like Yamaha's DX21,Cs1X and Roland's D50,some drumcomputers and shit...the golden years.. Allready from the beginning we made loud music, but with an open mind.we never stuck to a certain genre.Gabber,hardcore and breakbeat in the early days.Then there was a new millenium and we started playing in a metal/hardcore/punk crossoverband with humour named OXL.For a couple of years our attention went out to this band and PsychoSquad got frozen in time(actually it was in our Bosch refrigerator,but who gives a shit?). We brought out a CD called Satan Is Evil containing 16 tracks. Then when our vocalist and our guitarplayer,Oxl Rose and John Donsson both died of an overdose of amphetamines we went back to our studio,we pimped the shit up,some new gear in it added a pc and continued the Squad,In combination with our ultracrossover remix project of the OXL cd,music with no limits,every song in different styles,everything goes,as far as the masters want it to go.And that's a long way,believe me.The musical equivalant of schizophrenic paranoia.Meanwhile PsychoSqauad started developinng a new sound. Still in the spirit of our old one,but way more advanced,more tekno,drum and bass got thrown in the mix as wel as a lot of breakcore material
Have you performed in front of an audience?
live?you mean in front of my webcam?one moment... like this???yes, i like it! THE special moment's allways the cumshot,silly you
Your musical influences
Old school gabber, goatrance, breakbeats, drum & bass, breakcore, techno ,tekno, industrial, weird noises, b-movies, the thinking impaired
What equipment do you use?
Ron uses Johns,John uses Rons
Anything else?
Anything? Is that including discussing bizarre obscene movies containing greasy clowns, enthusiastic donkeys, and crying teengirls?
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