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Atlanta, GA  USA
July 29, 2008
Band/artist history
I began my music career at a young age. I was guided since the age of about 7 or 8 to perform on stage. I was in the choir, played the violin, guitar, hand bells, chimes, & was an on stage orator before the age of 10. Because I was born in the late 70's......I watched the growth of hip-hop. As hip-hop grew so did I. At the age of 10 I wrote my first actual lyrics...At 15 I took my career very seriously. I performed all over Atlanta. I eventually met Martin "Guitar" Terry who helped me perfect my craft as a writer and art. He was a guitarist for LaFace Records at the time. I eventually was being looked at by Too Short Records and was featured on his Album "Can't Stay Away". I was the only unsigned artist on the Album....Afterwards I helped my comrades establish J.J.E. Entertainment. I helped 2 create a # of careers in music & track production. I made 3 albums with J.J.E. Then I decided to branch off on my own & establish HK Entertainment & Publishing Inc. I created 4 albums so far with my label. I have performed with some of the best talent in Atlanta & have helped careers advance to new levels. Now, presently, I am working on videos, beats, new albums, & new artist.
Your musical influences
My musical influences are vast........but my flavor I believe is more similiar to these legendary artist.........Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Scarface, & Tupac..............MY TOP 4 MAJOR INFLUENCES!!
What equipment do you use?
Reason, Drumcore, Mo Phatt Sound Module, MPC, Live Guitar, etc.........