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Just myself doing all different types of music, =D.
Um, not really a band, more like a guy for the first part, XD. I'm Cody, but one the interwebs I go by Blur. No I'm not some crazed fan of the band 'Blur', but I am a crazed fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, ^^. As for anything about me? I just love hanging out with friends, making musikz, playing some video games, snowboarding, and ect. Besides that, I just either work at the local music store, or waste my life away on the computer, XP. But for the making musikz portion, I do all my stuff on my own really. I taught myself a great portion of everything I know today, and I'm having a blast doing it, =D. My lead instrument is the electric guitar, a signed cherry red 1996 Gibson SG to be exact, XD. But other than that, I live it up with the electric bass, keyboard, or just software instruments like EZDrummer and anything GarageBand has to offer. I would like to point out that I am a Fruity Loops veteran, and still miss the excellent program, but it doesn't work well with a Mac *which I love more sadly*, so here I am, ^^. As for the music I play, it's anything, XD. However, most of the time its influenced from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. I'm getting sick of typing so I'll just move on, ^_^.
Band/artist history
A dude that does his own music. Read the Intro, XD.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeps. The local music store I work at puts on a show every month, and I usually attend. It's a small town of 7500 people, and only about 60 show up, but it's still something. And yes, I do like. I don't even get nervous like I used too. I just go up there and be myself and have a ball, XD. As for special moments, just my first time was pretty nerve racking. I thought that people were going to be shredding it up, but it was just a bunch of acoustic stuff about Christianity. I went up there at the end and played Rock On by JerryC, XD!
Your musical influences
This is always a hard one. Just about anything I hear is a influence. Let it be Sonic the Hedgehog, Less Than Jake, JerryC, the theme song to Corneil and Bernie (Watch My Chops!)... its anything really. I think most musicians can agree on that, ^_-.
What equipment do you use?
-1996 cherry red Gibson SG electric guitar, signed and previously owned by Davey from the Seattle band: Loudermilk -Ibanez Soundgear Electric bass -Line 6 Tone Port UX2 -Ibanez 50R Tone Blaster amplifier -Digitech RP90 effect pedal -Yamaha PSR-275 Keyboard -EZdrummer software -GarageBand software -Gearbox software -cables, tuners, picks and junk, XD. -Anything I can get my hands on, ^^.
Anything else?
I think I covered it all.
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