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Loren Lieberman
Loren Lieberman
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Composer for large-scale performance work, ballet and opera. Have written music for classical theatrical productions of Shakespeare, ("The Tempest," "The Twelft
"Til Foraaret," by Henrik Wergeland
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"Winter Road," Alexander Pushkin
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Loren Lieberman is a native of Denver, Colorado, now living on the West Coast in California, where he is best known for his work as an actor in Classical and Shakespearean Theatre. He has a degree from Sonoma State University in Theatre Arts, and has been an Honor's Music Composition Student at the College of Marin, Santa Rosa Junior College, and at Sonoma State University. He has won an award for composition from the Redwood Empire Music Association. He has recently completed an opera in Russian, based on the novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "Cancer Ward", (and of the same name), and is currently working on his fourth opera, based on the Classical Tragedy by Sophocles, "Oedipus the King," with a libretto in Ancient Greek. His interest in languages has shaped much of his artistic temperment, and he is self taught in Russian and Sanskrit, and has hopes to begin his next opera, Shakespeare's, "Romeo and Juliet," in Hindi.
Band/artist history
I began writing music fairly late in my life. I started writing for orchestra only recently, and though I am working on my fourth opera, looking forward to my fifth, I still consider myself a composer in a continuous process of learning, exploration, and discovery.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I am living at this moment, in Santa Barbara CA. I love to travel, and to travel "on the spur of the moment," however.
Your musical influences
I'm going to have to inject the name of Leonard Bernstein, after years of talking about Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Prokovief. Examining the way I write now, I'd have to say that there are four measures from, "Dance at the Gym," from "West Side Story," which may have influenced my approach to music composition more than any other music. Having said that, Stravinsky's influence lurks underneath, like the depths of the ocean under the surface of the seas.
What equipment do you use?
I have a MacBook, with Finale software. I use synthetic voice patches for all my vocal writing, but Finale does have the ability to add vocal tracks, in either MP3, WAVE, or AIFF. Imagine hearing my music, not with a synthetic voice part, but your voice! If you have the ability to make a vocal file in either of those formats, find a composition that interests you, or your group, and I will email you score and parts, with relevant audio files Record your vocal part, and email it to me, and I will drop it into the composition. You let me use the audio file to promote my music, and I will let you use the recording to promote yourself, or even sell! The best way to contact me is through my Gmail, adhikapokoya@gmail.com.
Anything else?
Add me as a friend here, Myspace, Facebook, or one of my Russian web sites, at VKontakte.ru or my.mail.ru. I am "Loren Lieberman," at Facebook. I am "adhikapokoya," everywhere else.
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