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I'm just a humble kat who is addicted to writing and making music. I love what I do and I love doing what I love. That's pretty much it. Let's work!
46 songs
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Lifestyle (Meek Mill, Drake, Wale)
Lionheart (Kanye, Drake)
RagsToRiches (J-Cole, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti)
Old Otis (Kanye, Jay-Z, Meek Mill)
OneMoTime (Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole, Curren$y)
Band/artist history
(Formerly JB da Risin' Sun) I was raised in Greensboro and Charlotte, NC. Like most hip-hop artists, I resided in what is commonly referred to as the "bad part of town" throughout his life. You know that part of town the pizza places won't deliver to. I was fortunate enough to be raised by both my mother and father. Away from his daytime job, my pops was also a church choir musician/director, often taking me to rehearsal with him so he could keep him off the streets. Although involved in AAU basketball, I also fell in love with music. I used to the housing projects right across the street to be with my friends and hear the non-gospel music that I wasn't allowed to listen to at home. My first and probably greatest influence on my love of hip-hop are my cousins, who are more like brothers. After my freshman year of college, my group "Head Swelluz" decided to link up with a few other close friends who also shared the same love for hip-hop and form "Seven Seaz," who in March of 2000 released our first underground album entitled "The Genesis 2G." It received acclaim locally and the "Seaz" got our first radio spin with the song "Higher," which was played on a Friday night mix session. Although I was not featured on that song, I was featured on the track "Betta Dayz" which was premiered on the local radio station 102 Jamz with the "Seaz" introducing the song to the listeners live from the radio station. That song was the first single released from our first professionally recorded album "The Perfect Number" and it generated a much bigger buzz than "The Genesis" did. During this time, I earned a reputation for being a deadly lyricist, winning the "Verbal Abuse" MC battle competition an unprecedented three times. Since then, several of the Seaz have been working on new projects together and solo. In 2005 I won the Mic Club MC battle at Apache Cafe in Atlanta where I have resided for the 11 years. This led to me being featured on Cartoon Network during the debut of the Adult Swim show "Robot Chicken" and also triggered the start of my company Clever Elements which was co-founded by my best friend since childhood, Furie. I have been in the studio working on production for new and upcoming artists, including Benji Burns aka Red Eye Jones, Jack Rank, and Kidd Rolex. I released my debut solo album "Be Water" in 2013.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't done a live show in a while due to focusing a lot on producing other artists. I love to do it though. It's my drug and it's crazy how a 30-minute set can feel like 5 minutes. I can only hope the audience feels that way too. lol
Your musical influences
I have a wide range of influences: from my Pops (a gospel piano and guitar player) to Kanye West/DJ Premier/J Dilla to Outkast.
What equipment do you use?
Novation Launchkey keyboard midi controller Presonus Studio One Mac Mini computer
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