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Re-Hab The Punk Rock Band
Re-Hab The Punk Rock Band
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rehabpunk, Re-Hab is a UK Punk Rock trio from Telford in Shropshire England
Re-Hab is a punk-rock trio from Telford in Shropshire,England. The band was first formed in 1999 and Consists of: Will Waring: Bass and lead vocals Lee Dorricott: Guitar and vocals Gaz Ayres: Drums If your a gig lover, check us out live. More info at www.rehabpunk.com
Band/artist history
The band was formed by Gaz Ayres in 1999 while he was at Burton Bourgh school. Back then Re-Hab was just a mess around thing with friends, playing covers at school gigs etc. It wasn't until Gaz went to New College in Wellington in 2002 that the band really kicked off, this is where Gaz met Will. For a long time Will wanted to start his own band, playing the style of Punk-Rock he was into, as he'd been in other bands playing 3 chord Pop-Rock songs about girls which was becoming boring on the playing side and was too dull to jump around to. From early January '02, Will had jammed with a few people who claimed they were into, and could play, "Punk" but it always turned out that the players had only been playing a short time and were into to Pop Rock/Indie. Sometimes people would say to Will "I hear you're looking for a bass player, what style of music do you play?" and he'd say, fast, kind of like NOFX, and they would say "Na! that's not music, I'm not into that crap." After the months of trying to find the right band members who liked and could play the same music, Will met Gaz at the start of a new year at New College in Telford, September 2002. The two had met months before and spoke of a jam, but an over protective metaller had his eyes on Gaz and said he was already taken! So, Will didn't bother meeting the drummer. After the two had finally organized a jam at the college it was clear to Will that this guy was the drummer he'd been looking for, Will remembers thinking "This guy is fast... and he looks gay... Perfect!" Gaz was cleverly duped into playing drums for Will after being bribed with two toffee apples and half a mars bar. "That's what Gaz said" but really they were both looking to play the same style of punk-Rock as each other. For the longest part of three months the pair struggled to find a bass player who had the goods to join their line-up and would be committed to their band. The pair continued to write songs whilst searching for the illusive bass player that would allow gigs to be played. The band employed a friend, Tom Butler, to session for Re-Hab just so they could try and play a few gigs whilst the process continued. Then one day a young fella called Jon Walker, who Will and Gaz inadvertently met down a damp dark alley, later replaced Tom. Jon offered to session for Re-Hab whilst still playing in his own band, this was going to be a problem in the long run, but with Re-Hab wanting to play a show or two, Jon made it possible. Re-Hab quickly started playing gigs at a local venue, "The Mill House" near Telford Town Centre. The band were firm favourites with the regulars there, and were picking up more fans. Re-Hab played at the Mill House a fair few times, which could be considered to be a lot of times, but this doesn't matter because it's local and always had a better turn out every week and was always a great time. The band was quickly gaining a reputation for being an up-beat and entertaining band to watch and listen to, but it wasn't long before Jon had to end his time in the band after permanently joining Re-Hab around Christmas 2002 because of increasing commitments with his original band. But all was not doom and gloom as this lead to the discovery of Pete Radcliffe who did show great potential to provide a solid role within the band. Pete was in the band for the longest part of two years, but after a while Pete's commitment was starting to decrease and his live performance and playing was not getting better at all, and with much dismay and a saddend heart, Pete was dropped from the band as Will and Gaz knew it needed to be done. With the lack of a bass player, problems occured once again and Re-Hab just stopped still for a few months and with nothing happening in the band, Gaz soon got offers to drum in other projects, and as he wasn't playing much at that time, he took up the offers. The Reform came in March 06. What made us want to do it again? the Great times we had, the people we met, playing live on a stage.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love to play live, it's our most favourite thing to do in the band. Every show is such good fun, and yeah there has been some funny moments, like Gaz "drummer" playing as a hooker or as a hill billy trailer trash geezer, Gay Biker and naked a few times.
Your musical influences
We all listen to a wide range of music but I guess our music sounds like new school punk pop at times, maybe some emo and maybe some old school punk.
What equipment do you use?
Guitar gear - Line6 flextone2 head and 2 x 4x12 Bass - Line6 bass pod, power amp and 1 4x12 Drum kit - Orange county and zilgian cymbals
Anything else?
www.rehabpunk.com - www.myspace.com/rehabthepunkband guest book -http://pub30.bravenet.com/guestbook/2550235903
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