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Billion Dollar Bangaz
Billion Dollar Bangaz
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With a ranking for energetic to inspirational masterpieces, Prime is not too far from dominate the music production industry with Billion Dollar Bangaz. He is
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Prime - Been Waiting Picture Video
Born Trayvon Ellis, but known widely as Prime, this X-Generation producer has undoubtedly rearranged the face of music. It is evident that this new age producer/artist is etching his name right next to the greats. When Prime is not with his family and friends, he's with the ladies or in the studio making smash hits. Prime is a new style of music entrepreneurship. Soaring to new heights of success very rarely seen. Prime is a talented producer also flipping lyrics crazy. he has a great sense of the music industry and ready to spread an empire to last for generations. he executive produces his music that has captivated audiences across the globe. He has produced many recognizable new singles such as: "The Storms Won't Last" "Turn It Out" "Quite Like You" feat. bugs "Runnin" "Wicked" feat. bugs "WestCoast" "Shake Your Booty Gurl" feat. bugs "Lock It Down" With a ranking for energetic to inspirational masterpieces, Prime is not too far from Beethoven or Dr. Dre. Prime and his production company "Wake and Bake," is stirring up the industry with heaters and creating his place in music for himself and will continue to stack up an extravagant catalog. A truly talented musician, who appreciates all music and aspires to produce the best music this generation has ever heard, Prime is quickly becoming one of the heavy-hitting new artist to keep a listen out for.
Band/artist history
An energetic but humble genius of an artist has emerged onto the rap scene, and his name is Prime. Prime's outrageous talents continue to fascinate his listeners. He is one step ahead of the competition. What has taken his fellow artists years to learn, he is able to share with audiences and genuine express. Born in Long Beach, CA. in 1985, Trayvon had a rough time growing up. This fueled a lot of anger and pain throughout his childhood. As time went on and his environment became worse, Trayvon was forced to leave home and temporarily stay with friends and relatives. Being the oldest of 5 children, he took on the responsibility of helping take care of his other siblings in order to help his single mother. Because he was too young to obtain a legitimate job, he had to find other means to make ends meet. He started stealing and selling drugs. As the lifestyle and the loss of loved ones began to take a toll on him, Trayvon made the decision to stop selling drugs. He began pursuing his education and became involved with sports. Trayvon started pursuing music seriously in his early high school years. As he watched his peers display their musical talents, Trayvon sat back and studied the craft until he felt comfortable with the skills he possessed. He gained experience with a variety of musical equipment and started learning how to create dance and hip hop beats. He gained a general knowledge of the music industry and began to show his work to people in the music business. After receiving several athletic scholarships to pursue a higher education, Trayvon's mother grew ill. Since she was the only provider for her family at the time, Trayvon had to make a decision. He chose to stay and help take care of his family. As his mother's health improved, he seized the opportunity to pursue his career in music. Prime started studying a variety of styles of music. Staying originally fresh and continuing to live up to the name he had earned with his beats and lyrics in the community. The music industry did not offer Prime any sound advice, so he had to take matters into his own hands. He wrote, produced, and engineered his first album naming it, "I'm In the Buildin'." Prime continues to study the art of music and strive to be the best at his craft. His main goals are making sure his family is well taken care of, making music everyone can feel, and to giving back to all the people that have helped him become who he is today. The music industry better watch out because Prime is out of hibernation and on the prowl!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing Live all throughout the local California venues.
Your musical influences
I got to say first that the Lord is my main Inspiration and can't forget that as i go about life. my family and friends keep me ground and true to myself and to everything around me. my musical influences would have to be Busta Rhyme, Tupac, Dr.Dre, Nas, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, too music of all kinds from across the globe. it is the universal language and i can speak it fluently.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio, Midi keyboard, triton, Acid Pro, Reason, Cakewalk, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc.
Anything else?
I just thank ya'll for the love and taking the time to hear me out over all the others in my same walk. i just want ya'll to stay tuned with me for more to come and request to the t.v.'s and airwaves holla at me on my contacts to give feedback.
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