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Johnny Yellowheel
Johnny Yellowheel
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Electric Eclectic Alternative - Chill Rock, Gentle Blues in minor Keys - Inner Tribal - Music For The Soul. . .
'Standing Alone'
You have found your way to the SONIC BLUE TEMPLE... The Yellowheel is an eclectic gathering of Brothers and Sisters dedicated to producing the finest "Inner Tribal Music" for the soul. We hope that you will kick back and enjoy the cruise..
Band/artist history
We at the Yellowheel come from a variety of backgrounds. The core of YelloWheel has been Anthony Toth on Vocals, Keyboards & Synths, Arthur Hazard on Vocals & Baritone Saxiphone and John Yellowheel on Guitars and Vocals. Daniel Horton has played Bass, Guitars & Extreem Mixology on a number of the Yellowheel recordings and has also written a number of wonderful songs that it has been our privelage to do. Down the years the gifted Allan Edgar, (also known as the "Ancient One") - has contributed to many of the Wheels songs playing acoustic bass, blues harmonica and slide guitar. His insight and patience is legendary. Dolly Hazard, Jen Jolly and Jeanne Natale have also added their gifted voices to a number of our tunes and their help is grately appreciated. Also: The late George Darby was for a period of time Yellowheel's Drummer. His work is found on Go Down Mose, Tuesday Blue, Beyond Me and Prodigal Son - to mention but a few. He is still greatly missed. Geno Rameriz contributed to the Wheels earliest works including Momma Don't Dance and Time Will Come. Other contributors to the Wheel are the master drumwork of Joe Natale, Howard Cloud gave the foundation with his Master Bass on Momma Don't Dance and Bob Treeon played lead on Time will come. The gifted Michael Kent appears on the remix of Night Rider and Sailor, playing the soulful lead backgound guitar.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Most of the time.
Your musical influences
Everly Brothers, Bea Brummels, Brothers of the Pioneers, Burl Ives, Deadwater Monk, Anthony Toth, Spirit, The Doors, Long Endless Desert Nights, Preston & David Monongye and The Peyote Brothers. Tim Buckely, Spirit, Procal Harem.. Jimmy Hendrix, ELO, Holst.
What equipment do you use?
Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, PRS Custom Simi-hollow Body, Epiphone Masterbuilt AJ-500, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Deluxe Blues Deville Amp with 4- 10s, VOX AC15 Tube Amp, Line 6 Lo-Down 150 Bass Amp, Yamaha Mo 8 Keyboard, Line 6 Floor Pod Plus (now in the hands of Deadwater Monkius), VOX Satchurator, VOX Time Machine, MACKIE 1604-VLZ3, TASCAM 2488 MK II Digital Recorder. Microphones: (condensers are best) Audio-Technica 2010's (these are great handhelds - good for recording or live), 2020's, a 2030 and a 4040, Audix DP7 Drum Kit as well as assorted others. Monster and Mongomi Cables when possible for guitar, bass & Microphone.
Anything else?
As they in the Old West; after about three or four or five Margaritas... "Asta-La-Meteorite".....
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