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Bryant MARtial
Bryant MARtial
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A playful, yet dark style of music. Songs everyone can relate to and various levels of artistic expression. Electronic, pop, dance and a touch of hip hop.
Welcome to the official Bryant MARtial soundclick page.
Band/artist history
Bryant MARtial's music career began at the age of 13, in Roselle, New Jersey. After listening to various hip-hop songs and seeing music videos on television, he thought to himself that he could be a "rapper" too. He began writing and reciting his own lyrics day after day. He bought cassette singles of popular songs just so he could rap over the instrumentals. After years of practice, he began to understand song writing and structure. This was simply a hobby to him at first and another way to "zone-out" from the everyday burdens of being labeled a "nerd." In 1999, Bryant heard Tupac's Greatest Hits CD. He listened to the emotion and pain in the music and wanted to make music that people could relate to the same way Tupac Shakur did. He thought that he experienced enough in his life to attract the attention of a wide audience. He decided to pursue music seriously under the moniker "Sekluson" but ran into many obstacles. After years of unreliable associates and other obstacles, Bryant decided to release all of his music himself. By 2008, he taught himself to make the music with nothing but a computer, microphone and a mixer. And rather than limit himself to only hip-hop, he decided to perform how he felt. If a song felt like it needed to be sung to get his point across, then he sang. Even though he wasn't a singer. If it needed a touch of rap, he did it. And if it needed a simple narration, then so be it. After dropping the artist title "Sekluson" and going simply as "Bryant MARtial", he put all his time and effort into his first independent album, "Sekluson Volume 1: Born Loser." Today, he hopes to conquer and avoid issuses of the past and to soon make "Bryant MARtial" a household name.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't had the opportunity to play live yet but it's in the works.
Your musical influences
My musical influences are Tupac, Chromeo, Eminem, LCD Soundsystem, Kanye West, Santogold, M.I.A. and my own personal experiences.
What equipment do you use?
I use a Global Audio microphone, a Peavey mixer, and a HP computer.
Anything else?
Ummm, yea. Buy my new album "Sekluson Vol.1: Born Loser." Available now at www.cdbaby.com/bryantmartial and www.digstation.com/bryantmartial.
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