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George Ellis Hollday
George Ellis Hollday
3 Tracks
Produced, Written Played and Performed by George Ellis Holliday Is a simmering cauldron of sounds, a fantastic voyage of soul, hip hop and deep fried Southern r
The Album GETTO ROCKIN ROLL MAN Produced, Written Played and Performed by George Ellis Holliday Is a simmering cauldron of sounds, a fantastic voyage of soul, hip hop and deep fried Southern rock? Stained with sweat, longing, and rage, this is an album with trouble on the mind. Where pleasure, fantasy, reality and street life all meet
Band/artist history
Track 1. YEAHBOY BLUES The album starts off with a kicker a post apocalyptic 21st century AC..DC heavy Rock guitar riff ,ridden down on a hard 808 drum beat .The lyrics or down and dirty with a Curtis Mayfield .. André 3000 feel. George states that when he was producing the track and playing the guitar part I was looking for something real heavy and bluesy but with a street feel of Southern hip-hop The Creation of "YeahBoyBlues" by George E. Holliday We needed a strong single, the album was pretty much done and everybody was getting mad at me,Im a big fan of lil wayne,little John and crunk music but i love hard rock and blues too.I just drove down to Statesboro county and Insperatioin began to hit me I use a lot of tube gear amps,compression and so on on my recordings for drums Guru..Mpc 2000 and Cubase SX..... Track 2. JUST ANOTHER DAY A self bio about street life the music is soaked down in R&B radio friendly Hip-hop. Whats new and refreshing about this track is the country blues riff and how he finds away to introduce country music into contemporary R&B Some our going to argue it sounds like Prince but take a closer listen can you say urban..glam.. country Track 3. "WAR HORSES" (Rock..The..Vote) the story of a riot or freedom fighter gone mad, This glam rock retro track will leave you spell bound Track 4. "SOUTHERN BELLE" (BRITNEY S SONG) Is it the BLACK CROWS doing 808..R&B..Crunk!!?? Or is it the artists formally know as PRINCE evolving into a Georgia Peach? The guitars brings back the heyday of southern rock, the production reminds you of the Neptunes with the lyrics telling the tell of a young blonde starlet on the run from the paparazzi and in the process saving a Life with her sexual healing powers Track 5. Galaxy (UndercoverLover) Unreleased Zarfrika movie soundtrack When I was creating this song I was in this fantasy period Having just saw Lord of the Rings, I decided to write a movie script and sound track based upon a Medieval African fantasy. I did about 20 tracks, wrote a trilogy movie script and decided at the last minute to pull the plug .here is a locale favorite out of Atlanta Track 6. Van..Glories.. Bitch? I remember the day before I recorded this track I had a run in with some one in customer service it was basically a ego trip I felt really bad I later apologized The music tracks had been sitting in my closet for months I had done the guitar part..bass..drums..organ..and everything else I just needed some lyrics to glue it all together After the incident, everything else just came out like magic Track 7. "I CANT BE" is blessed not only with a heavy metal groove and a guitar lick that deserves to be called just that, but bursts of Al GREEN-style vocal harmonies; the whole track, for all its Hard rock flavor, ends up sounding like nothing else around. Track 8. CLOUD NINE This began as a open mic acoustic guitar song that I would all was play I never really thought of it as a complete song There are about 10 versions and this is the one that every one loved its a locale Atlanta favorite Track 9. Our Love (Center Fold) A Dirty Street Homage to the 80s Minneapolis sound This track has George singing in his high falsetto Lot of electric syths, guitars and a bangin dance floor drum track Track 10. Katrina (U.S.A.) When Katrina went down, I felt powerless this song is dedicated to New Orleans I was listening to a lot of Country & Southern Rock In the studio I added the acoustic guitars and organ and everything fail in place Watching the Hurricane made righting the lyrics easyGOD BLESS Track 11. "Diamonds..Roses..Cadillac" Track 12. "The Open Mic" A true classic rock glam track, toasted in contemporary piano jazz Or a Brain Wilsons Pet Sounds rip off pushed to the brink of Elevator soul Find out why this is a locale fan favorite Track 13. "Southern Belle"The Remix Part Two Track 14. Tales from Zarfrika (From the movie sound track) This is part of a collection of songs I wrote for the sound track called Zarfrika Specifically about the queen from Zarfrika who leads her army of freedom fighter to fight the the evil one Domedrellaa Piano..Bass..Guitar..Drums and Syths George E Holliday Track 15. "WhipMe" Track 16. "VanGloriesBitch-Jazz(Part Two) Track 17. "Hush Little Baby" Tthe Makeing of "Hush Little Baby" This was a real hard time for me when I composed this track I had just gotten out of a bad 4year relationship (2yrs before that jail) I was also separated from my kids And driving a taxi cab to make ends meet.keep it real YO At this point in my life I got real spiritual witch I STILL AM Backing band Banehead Mercenaries Im on Guitar, Producer, vocalsand of course SONGWRITER Track 18. "Getto Rockin Roll Man" This is the finale track hope you enjoy
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah ,the GUITAR is my weapon of choice,but i play like 18 others
Your musical influences
The Rolling Stones,Parliment,Killers,Narles Barkly,Lynard Skynard,The Beatles,David Bowie,mOut-Cast,Bob Segar,Southern Rock,Chuck Berry Muddy warter,Lil Wayne ,Master-P.....Pretty much anything thats GOOD
What equipment do you use?
All tube Gear,Art,Korg,Universal Audio Cubase Sx is My computer rig,Bfd-2 drums,guru,sample Tank
Anything else?
Love,Peace .God Blass
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