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LaDeana Michelle
LaDeana Michelle
Alameda, CA  USA
November 05, 2008
58,982 plays
"My mission is not ordered by man's opinion, but by my inescapable destiny" - LaDeana Michelle NOT OVER U impacts 2.14.12. U don't wanna miss this one!!! for details. ****LISTEN NOW BELOW, HERE ON SOUNDCLICK. Hailed as an entertainment prodigy, rapidly gaining fans worldwide for her creativity alone-- there is not much LaDeana Michelle can't do. Representing a musical family that includes entertainment legends Sam Cooke and Eddie Kendricks (Temptations) this Oakland, California native stands on her own as a multi-octave vocalist, songwriter, producer, arranger, composer, actress, screenwriter, print model, designer, poet, author, CEO and savvy businesswoman and will be added as the next female self-made millionaire through her partnership development/film/management ventures. An avid youth sports supporter, volunteer, and caring humanitarian, LaDeana Michelle is completing a book series and is set to additionally yield several upcoming films and foundation-based social programs dedicated to help the homeless and the abused, as well as cultivate underprivileged youth and starving children worldwide. She is NOT your typical artist. You know what it is. The talented maven has graced stages and screens all across the U.S. in television, music, theater and film, has additionally lent vocals, arrangement and songwriting to countless major and independent artist releases. Her intro to the acting world was flanked by veterans Lou Gossett Jr., Jim Belushi, Ted Lange & Hawthorne James, while Pete Escovedo (the famous father of musical star Sheila E.) pushed her start in music. LaDeana Michelle has often been accused of being a slow-song artist or balladeer, but she is not. As a full-fledged producer, she has R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop, Gospel, House, Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock, Adult Contemporary, Country and even Jazz production projects under her belt. Her upcoming debut album embodies several hardcore club and dance tracks that have already drawn favorable test responses from radio and club DJs all over the country. She has rendered commercial jingles for Coke, Pepsi, American Express, Budweiser, Dolby Sound and more. She is also still in circulation as lead and background vocalist on 17 additional worldwide album releases, each still earning her a viable database of national and international fans. LaDeana Michelle unofficially hit the ground running several years ago, with the grassroots spread of her positive-natured songs, "Keep Your Faith" (the official Barack Obama Inauguration song) and Believe, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama, which was featured in The Urban Music Scene online magazine, a rapidly-growing publication that hosts top R&B, Gospel and Jazz, with artists Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Charlie Wilson and more in tow. Believe reportedly received the most hits ever recorded by the magazine in its history. Also notable, was her impressive Rare memorial tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, video installment entitled, SEVEN, which featured seven of her self-produced songs and explored widespread issues such as love/relationships, racism, the homeless, genocide, starvation and more and GLAZE--a fiery HOT release of three songs entitled Deejay, How Did I Get Here? and Whoall of which were praised by early listeners and critics as reminiscent of the timeless slow jams Soul crooners R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, The Isley Brothers, H-Town, Silk (Freak Me) and Jodeci (Cry For You) were most notable for. "Inside Loves Window" included romantic ballads, I Cant and More Than Friends, which ranked #1 in two top ten R&B and Urban charts and placed LaDeana Michelle as a top 25 artist right here, overall on SoundClick, a music-based, social community that reports over 4.6 million songs, over 539,000 bands and artists, and over 4.5 million registered members. Her digital package, "Bringing Love Back", which featured the hit singles, Long Night and My Honey is still being requested for radio worldwide, with the Long Night video, still gaining favor within the YouTube community. Now blazing? "NOT OVER U" in celebration of love, America's soldiers returning home and all in the spirit of Black History Month. What you may love about LaDeana Michelle is the fact that she's a leader and is NOT CONCERNED in following trends. What you don't see in public is very much alive in private. She is who she is, with a limitless mind. We're not just saying that, either. She was tested as highly-gifted, with speed-reading capabilities, a photographic memory and a laundry list of other, exceptional gifts. Did anyone even KNOW she taught herself to play 9 different instruments? The surprises to come are FAR from over. Meanwhile.... LaDeana Michelle is all about love...and she ain't tryin' to change that! "Not Over U" (of course) is a part of her rapidly-growing Love Quarter campaign (January 1st-March 31st) set to run every first quarter for the next eight years. The campaign, which yields her notable slogan, Changing Lives One Day at a Time, promotes love, social awareness, unity and change through music and visual arts. LaDeana Michelle mirrors predecessors R. Kelly and Prince as the sole writer, producer, arranger, composer and performer of her forthcoming 2012 debut album. Shes been consistently yielding those timeless jams, so we trust that the album will be sizzling. Its a digital world now, baby. Shes got that on lockdown. From everything we have heard---song after song---of LaDeana Michelles phenomenal voice, style and influential messages within her music and lyrics, whenever she rears her lovely head above water for good (and make no mistake about it--she's coming on HER OWN TERMS) there wont be a soul alive who will be able to resist her. - Trace In-Stereo Evans
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