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Technological Sun
Technological Sun
14 Tracks
Tech Sun draws from a plethora of different musical genres, leading to the formation of a signature style that is heavily influenced by classic Psychedelic Rock
Simpleton (1997 version)
Peak in sub-genre #15
Castro's Bed
Peak in sub-genre #8
Huggy Bear's Groove
Peak in sub-genre #78
Je Ne Say What
Peak in sub-genre #27
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"Multicolours for your Ears....music from the 8th dimension" ...Technological Sun's main objective has always been to transport the listener to another sonic realm by pushing the aural barrier to its furthest limits.
Band/artist history
Technological Sun was formed in late 1995 by Carlos Correa (bass), Emilio Volmut (guitar/vocals), Todd Quesada (keyboards/vocals), and Eddie Hernandez (guitar). Early on the band experimented with a plethora of different musical genres, leading to the formation of a signature style that was heavily influenced by classic Psychedelic Rock. In live performance, Tech Sun entertained with a 'sonic deluge' that brought heavy use of both guitar and synthesizers to the forefront. In mid-1996, Eddie Hernandez left the group due to creative differences, and drummer Nery Hernandez joined. The band made its live debut in September 1996 at Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti, Miami, playing heavily thereafter throughout the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area throughout the end of 1996, 1997, and into 1998. A combination of individual and creative factors led to the disintegration of the original lineup in the Summer of 1998. The core members of Technological Sun never completely lost contactm and after a long hiatus Volmut, Correa, and Quesada revisited some of the previously recorded material in 2007, with the band conducting some 'remastering' and remixing of the original songs. The songs were released for the first time to the 'My Space' community in October of 2007. This has led to a reformation of Technological Sun, and the release of a new EP in July of 2008, the band's first newly recorded material in ten years. TECH SUN IS BACK.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Once upon a time we did (a lot) back in the 1990's. Ever since we reformed after a long hiatus, however, we're limited to strictly recording, as geographical circumstances prohibit us from playing live.
Your musical influences
In no particular order: Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Soundgarden, Queen, Stone Temple Pilots, Steppenwolf, Gary Numan, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Gong, Blondie, Hawkwind, Motorhead, Flaming Lips, etc...
What equipment do you use?
BASS - Fender Jazz and Hohner/Steinberger KEYBOARDS - Yamaha CS1x, Roland XP-10, Sequential Circuits Six Trak GUITARS - Ibanez Talman TC-420, Aria Pro II Straycat, Epiphone Les Paul Standard.
Anything else?
All our music is FREE to download!!!! Check it out!!! Own it!! Share it!!
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