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Care Free Alex
Care Free Alex
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This is just my solo work for those who are interested for a glimpse. Also these works are simply drafts! So don't take them to seriously until I tell you to =D Ignore (for reference): November (2007) Christmas Concert (2008) Outside gig BOTB (2009) March (2009) May (2009) September (2009) October (2009) November (2009) Jam in Bali (2009) January (2010) February (2010) Hunger Banquet (2010) County Fair (2010) March (2010) PAU Fest (2010) Jazz Camp (2010) Rock Camp (2010) 2x Blues Bar Singapore (Jam) 1x Blues Bar San Francisco (Jam) September (2010) October (2010) November (2010) December (2010) All International School Rock Concert (2011) February (2011) Glo-Rock Concert (2011) March (2011) April (2011) School House Rock Concert Heat 1 (2011) School House Rock Concert Heat 2 (2011) May (2011) Singapore Blues Bar x2 (or so)
Band/artist history
Well about me in other words, I have been playing the classical guitar before seriously getting into the electric guitar... I had been playing classical guitar since I was 8 but stopped three years later to find I wasn't very interested. Only about a three years ago when I was 14 or 15, then did I decide to pick up the electric guitar and grew a liking to it. I started practicing hours a day, although it is harder now I do still practice and make my own works. So that's really about it! Gigs: [freshmen] November, [sophomore] Christmas Concert, Outside, March, May, [junior] September, October, November, Jam in Bali, January, February, Hunger Banquet, County Fair, March, PAU Fest
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live every month or so when my school has break gigs. Yes I like it except that I wish there was more of a music scene. Special moments? Well I had one where my guitar's lead was messed up and I was playing the whole time and I couldn't hear a thing out of it and still had people cheering! =)
Your musical influences
I have alot...: Addy Rasidi, Aerosmith, Dream Theatre, Guns n' Roses, Gus G, John Petrucci, Rosli Mansor, Santana, Simple Plan, Steve Vai, Van Halen, Zakk Wylde
What equipment do you use?
-Hohner G3T -Ibanez JEM555 -Line 6 Spider II 75Watts -w/ pedal -Laney AH50 30Watts -Boss ME70 -Rolland V-Drumset -Morpheus DropTune -Swing Guitar
Anything else?
Just that I have an extreme passion for music! I like go-karting, playing pool, and running once in a while. Lately I have been into just trying out all instruments -well drums, bass, and vocals -I hope to touch piano when I have more time! And that if I had any spare time I would spend most of it studying or making music!
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