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Homemade Abortion Kit
Homemade Abortion Kit
13 Tracks
A mixture between the darkest of lyricism and the most sinister dance music
6 songs
We are a band meant to cause chaos and controversy. However, we also want to see people enjoying what we play, and we want to spread our love of what we do to the rest of the populous
Band/artist history
After only a few months together, Homemade Abortion Kit has accomplished quite a bit. Winning fans and enemies alike, they have raised the standard on how Goth-inspired EBM should sound, with punishing, forward moving rhythms and pounding drums, Kid Spazz and Rage have crafted a unique form of Industrial. Appalling some with their name, Homemade Abortion Kit is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. The name signifies more than what is apparent, the subliminal messages strewn throughout each song are constantly surprising you, and the clash of electronics and familiar yet completely different vocals are forged together masterfully. With the release of The Jesus Scarecrow E.P., HAK reaches the first major chapter in what should be a long and industrious career. With their music, their passion, and their devoted fans behind them, they embark on a journey that will change the face of Industrial music we see today.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. We have played one show so far, and are playing more soon, it's an amazing experience.
Your musical influences
Our love of music is non-discriminatory, and our influences are everything from the softest ballads to the most punishing grindcore, from the darkest industrial to the lightest pop...you get the picture? We both have a long list of influences, but when we envisioned this monster, we pictured a few artists and bands specifically. These are: Marilyn Manson Combichrist Das Ich Rammstien AFI Prong Slayer The Cure Velvet Acid Christ Skinny Puppy Slipknot When it comes down to it, one can't even begin to think about a list of our musical influences. You'll hear it in our music.
What equipment do you use?
Magix Music maker 12, Sony acid Music Maker 6, Rebirth, and laptops
Anything else?
add us on myspace and/or vampirefreaks! www.myspace.com/homemadeabortionkitofficial www.vampirefreaks.com/homemadeabortionkit
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